Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Design Creation

Here is a very simple design for a Bluebell flower spray.
Using varying sizes of Ribbon Stitch.

( 4 mm and 7 mm. Silk ribbon )

First do the branch in Stem Stitch, add the flowers and then
place small straight stitches to connect to the stem.

With the knowledge of the SRE stitches and tutorials
where do you go from here   ?????

Create your own individual designs.

There are many avenues to look into here are
a few suggestions:


Links to many other sites.  Designs are endless.


Colouring In pages

Clip Art


Greeting Cards

Flower arrangement magazines


Vintage Linen

Don't forget the most authentic and beautiful of all

Mother Nature.

( With the aid of your camera or phone you can
capture Natures inspiration on the spot)

Garden Visits 

Naturally, you may need to make some changes to the
design but this is all part of the fun. 

You may be surprised where your Muse will take you.

The number of followers is growing steadily towards
600, so I shall be putting my thinking cap on to 
come up with a Giveaway to Celebrate.

More news on this in the near future.

Happy Stitching
Carol Daisy

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Embellishing Images using SRE


Running French Knot Combination


Once you have mastered the Stitch Tutorials and Flowers in my earlier Postings
your next thought might be in which way can I apply these flowers to my own projects.

I have quite a few years ago embroidered these bags, pouches etc. and thought
I would put the images online for my followers to see.

These are just basic stitching ( for the beginners ) and with experience can have
much more added using your own descretion and personal taste.

It is just a few samples of how a little added SRE can be so effective.

Running Stitch Combo / French Knots

Ribbon Stitch in 7 mm

Ribbon Stitch / Hand Dyed Ribbon

Ribbon Stitch Flowers / Leaves

Running Stitch Combo

Ribbon Stitch/ Lazy Daisy Petals

Organza Ribbon with French Knots

 Hope these can encourage you to take your SRE to the next step.

 Keeping busy working on my Australiana Tutorials for future postings. 

Carol Daisy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Petite Ribbon Rose

Twirled Ribbon Rose.

Suitable for 2 mm. or  4 mm.  Pure Silk Ribbon
You may wish to use other ribbon other than
Pure Silk put personally, I do not believe that you 
will get it to curl and shape as it should. 

Step 1:  Take your Ribbon through
to the front in the position you wish
your Rose to be placed. ( Easier if
the Silk Ribbon has been pre ironed)
Stitch the tail of the ribbon in place
at the back of your fabric with matching
thread. Leave this thread attached as
you will be using it  to hold the completed
rose in place. 
Hold the ribbon away from the fabric and
twist in an anti clockwise direction until the
ribbon is tightly twisting and starting to buckle.

( Note: the tighter the twist the small and 
closer the curls in the finished rose.
Also by executing this with too much length
in the ribbon the silk
- 2 or 3 roses per length is best)

 Step 2:  Hold the ribbon 5 cms
( 2  inches )  away from the fabric.
Fold the ribbon over, holding the
two together at the base and let
it twist around itself. Keep a finger
on it at the base, taking the needle
back through close to the entry point.

Step 3: Very gently pull the ribbon
through until this double twist moves
into the shape of a rose.

Step 4:   Bring the needle of matching thread
up to the front and place a few tiny stitches
to hold it in position. Take extra care that
you do not dislodge the rose.  I use the
tip of my nail to hold it in place, as I do this.
Then if  you  wish  place a small
pearl or seed bead for the centre.

Totally unravel ribbon before threading through to
the front for the next Rose.

By using a hand dyed ribbon you will create highlights
through the rose,  but be aware that  Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon 
with a high density of colour will stay in a much tighter
twist, and at Step 2 will not twist around itself so well.
Therefore the completed roses will not be
as soft and delicate. Compare the pale pink one
with the top picture and you will see what I mean.  

Suggested uses for such a delicate rose:

Baby clothing such as headbands, bootees, or smocking.

I have added it also to wedding accessories, such as
garters and good luck charms. 

Crazy Patch Workers this could help to add interest to a
seam embellishment, by making your own ribbon braid.

Great for imitating climbing tea roses, just imagine a 
garden trellis with these roses and greenery weaving 
through the framework.

Carol Daisy