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Sunday, December 3, 2017

HANDMADE GIFT - Crazy Quilted Pouch


Step 1:  Complete a Crazy Patch /Crazy Quilting Block.

My completed block is 16 cms( 6 1/2 inches) wide
x 13 cms (5 1/4 inches) High.

I have started with the image of this lady featuring poppies 
and a dove. 

I framed her with a selection of dupioni scraps I had available.
 Added a piece of vintage tatted lace in one seam, and a few
hand dyed lace flower remnants, a brass key,organza 
embroidered lace trims.

Step 2: Added Silk Ribbon to the image of the poppies 
with Ribbon Stitch, also the butterfly and then
carried the butterflies in a line through to the
side.  Black Kreinik threads in long stitch to form the body,
and small french knots for the antenna. For assistance
with the butterflies go to the Insect Tutorial.

The larger poppies are made as a gathered stitch forming
a circle as you go in 7 mm Silk Ribbon. Similar to the
Stems and Leaves in 4 mm Emerald Green Silk Ribbon, by 
tightly twisting the ribbon to form a stem.
Pearls  beads added to the organza flowers in the centre 
and green and black beads for the poppies.
Seam embellishments in Kreinik in gold and brass with
addition of complementary seed beads.

Step 3:  Red Dupioni measuring 21 cms x 16 cms.
 (8 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches)
Fold in half wrong side facing out. Place on block which
 is facing up as shown in the image below.
Machine Stitch down the 3 sides not the top seam.
 Over lock the seams and trim the corners to give a softer curve.
Turn right side out with the block facing out,
 pocket formed at the back and stitched
to the Crazy Quilting Block in 1 step.

The extra silk became the band of the pouch.
Press with iron for a 1 cm fold and then fold again over
 the top edge. As you would with Bias Binding.
Press Again and then machine stitch the binding down. 

Options for Closure:  
 Press studs, Velcro, Lengths of silk ribbon attached
to the bias to tie. Magnetic dots.

Turn this into a gift and gift wrapping all in one, by filling
 with a gift of your choice. eg. if you have a specific
purpose for this pouch, customise to fit the gift.

Suggestions:  Jewellery, tissue pouch, gift cards, 
small diary or address book, and for the 
Crazy Quilter or Embroiderer add a selection of needles, 
needle nest, silk ribbons, threads, embellishments, etc.

Carol Daisy

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