Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foxgloves in Silk Ribbon

Foxgloves - A Beautiful Majestic Flower.

I have used photos taken at the Carnival for inspiration,  
as where I live in the sub tropics they are never seen.

This ribbon has varying shades from soft pink to a crisp
white. Leaves are in 7 mm. Sullivans Moss. 
Because of the loose nature of this stitch, you will 
require approx. 60 cms. of  Silk Ribbon for each 
completed flower.  I feel it is worth it though, don't you.

Step 1:   Embroidery thread to match the Green Ribbon,
      work a row of Stem Stitches for the stalk 
 approx. 7 cms.

Step 2:  With the 7 mm. Pink Ribbon I have made each                     flower head with a very loose French Knot
            taking the needle back through the ribbon at 
            the base. 
            Taper the flower heads, starting with 4 at the
            base, then 3, thinning out at the tip for the new     


Step 3:      I have added Fly Stitches in the green thread,
around the new buds to the stalk.

Step 4:    Add French Knots ( 3 wraps ) in  Kreinik Metallic     Thread in each flower head.
 ( Leave the smaller bud knots ) .

Step 5:    Leaves in Ribbon Stitch.


Carol Daisy