Friday, December 11, 2009

Hints - Folded Ribbon Rose

Should you be concerned about wastage
of Ribbon, an alternative is to replace this with
double fold crepe paper.
This paper holds firm without stitching 
by pressing the folds in place.  Allows you
to have a few practice runs.

Carol Daisy

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tutorial - Poinsettia in Silk Ribbon


These are just a few samples of flowers I
have embroidered on Christmas Stockings.

Option 1: As I have done with these flowers,
is to make them in detached chain.
( Much simpler and quicker alternative )
Make a slightly longer peak at each tip.

Poinsettia in Ribbon Stitch 

You will require approximately  .3 Metre of 7 mm. Red Ribbon
for each flower,  .2 Metre of 7 mm.  Green Ribbon,
Gold Seed Beads, Metallic Gold Thread.

Step 1:  Mark out a circle 2 cms across and small dot
in the centre.

Step 2:  Place Ribbon Stitches around this circle.
Some to the outline and a few outside of the circle. 

Step 3:  Make second layer of Ribbon Stitches
overlapping the first petals, and of varying lengths.
You may also have these slightly puffed up in
comparison to flat against the fabric.

Place a few leaves in the green ribbon in between
the petals.
This is just a simple daisy in Variegated Gold 7 mm. Ribbon
A gold bead in the centre and two Ribbon Stitch Leaves.

Step 4:  Add the gold seed beads in the centre.
And for a little more sparkle I have added a Fly
Stitch in the gold metallic thread around the petals.

These can also be created in Cream Ribbon with
Green Leaves and Gold Beads and Thread.

Carol Daisy