Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Personalise your Gifts, by creating them in the Birth Flower, adding the Birth Colours, Stone.
Add a message about their Birth Meaning.

January - Carnation
Stone - Garnet      Colours - Red /Pink
Meaning - Affectionate, Happiness,
Devoted, Fascination
Refer Carnation tutorial for Instructions


February Birth Flower - Violet.
Stone: Amethyst   Colours: Violet, Purple
                     Meanings: Faithfulness, Purity, Modesty.

Daffodil - March Birth flower.
Gemstone - Aquamarine     Colour - Yellow
Meanings - Affection, Desire,
Respect, Devote.

April - Birth flower Daisy 
Gemstone - Diamond  Colours - Pink, Purple.
Meanings - Blissful, Innocent, Playful, Delicate.
                              Refer Ribbon Stitch Tutorial for instructions

May Birth Flower-  Lily of the Valley

Gemstone - Emerald      Colour - White
Meanings - Sweetness,  Humility, Happiness
 Refer to Snopwdrops for Instructions - longer stem

June - Birth Flower -  Rose

Pearl     Colours - White / Cream
Meaning - Happy, Love, Strong, Beautiful
 Use any of the Rose Tutorials

July - Water Lily

Birthstone Ruby   Colours - Pink, Purple
Meaning - Laughter, Levity and has an open heart.

August- Birthflower Gladioli Birthstone - Peridot 
Colours - Red, Orange, Green.
Meaning - Beauty, Love, Marriage, Family

September- Birthflower Aster

Birth Colour - Deep Blue
Birth Stone - Sapphire
Meanings - Filled with Love, Daintiness,

October-  Birth flower Calendula

Birth Stone - Opal  Colours - White, Yellow
Meanings - Love of Nature, Grace,
Joy, True Love.

November  -Chrysanthemum
Birth Stone - Citrine
Birth Colours - Red Yellow
Meanings - Friendship, Sensitivity,

Refer to the Cosmos Instructions using more petals
packed closer together.

December- Birth flower Narcissus
Birthstone -Turquoise  Colour -Indigo
Meanings - Success , Wealth.

Carol Daisy