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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

FREE DESIGN - Running / French Knot Combination

Petite Rose Corsage in

Running Stitch / French Knot Combination

A simple way to make your work shine and step up a notch
is to make use of a Hand Dyed Ribbon / Variegated Ribbon.

The changes in colour as you progress gives the finished result
more dimension and reality. Plus I feel the dye adds a stiffness
to the ribbon and presents the petals in a firmer way.

This is a Stitch which can be executed with 4 mm or 7 mm or even
(13 mm with some caution and overall difference in appearance ).
My preference is in 7 mm. which is used in this instance.

Using a plain silk dupioni piece or another fabric with a loose weave.
Follow the images below or go to my earlier post -

  SRE- Running Stitch / French Knot Combination for more detailed steps.

Add some Ribbon Stitch Petals, Leaves, stem stitch for the Stems and
the Corsage is complete. Additionally you could add small beads to 
the Rose Centres or scattered between the roses. 

Turn your completed embroidery into a Fragrance Pouch and fill with Rose Petal Pot Pourri, Book or Phone Cover, or add it to your Crazy Quilting Blocks.

Carol Daisy

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