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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Carol Daisys Craft Room Lesson 2

Carols Daisys Craft Room - Lesson 2

 Video Tutorial- Design and Ribbon Stitch

Following through from the Video here are a few more hints and
notes that may be of assistance should you be wanting to learn 
the most common and useful of SRE stitches.  Typically it is used 
as a fill stitch for petals, leaves, insects etc.

The tutorial is based on a simple design using a Hand Dyed 7mm
Silk Ribbon.( It may be difficult for some to purchase pure silk 
ribbon, but it will reward you so much more than Satin Ribbon
with appearance, shaping and texture).
Vine is stem stitch 2 threads, Flowers and Leaves 7 mm Silk
Ribbon.  (Hand Dyed Silk gives the variance as each petal is

More details are shown on Ribbon Stitch Tutorial regarding the 
shaping of the petals.

You will see that I prefer to place a layer of pellon under my fabric.
To me it makes a softer finish of the embroidery, and also if it
is a light texture fabric the view of the ribbon from one position to
another is hidden. So this being said keep a threaded needle available to stitch off the ends.  Doing each one as you go also keeps your stitches from pulling if a ribbon end is snagged while 
working. Touch up the ink markings with a wet a cotton bud if you have drawn the design with a water erasable pen.

So once mastered, your question may be,what more can I create
with Ribbon Stitch:- just a small sample.

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