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Sunday, November 15, 2009

FREE SRE DESIGN - Spider Web Roses

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Projects 

Spider Web Roses with Fern and Baby Breath.
Refer to this blog for Stitch Tutorial -
Spider Web Roses with French Knots.

Roses, Rosebuds and the Rose Leaves are in
4 mm. Silk Ribbon.

You will Require:  
 4 mm. in  4 Colour Tones  of Pink
.5 Mt. Cream Silk Ribbon 4 mm..( Baby's Breath )
.5 Mt. Green Silk Ribbon  4 mm. ( Leaves )
Green Embroidery Thread to Match  Green Ribbon.
Fawn or Olive Green embroidery thread for Fern.
Option of a Pearl for the Centre of 1 Rose.

Step 1:  The Spider Roses.  The larger one and
the top rose are one straight colour.
The 3 rd. Rose is Pink in the centre with a lighter
colour on the outside.
Step 2:  Next work the buds in Detached Chain Stitch.
Add 2 straight stitches at the tip in Green Thread.
Step 3:  Green Thread - Stem Stitch all the stems to
the buds and leaf stems.
Lazy Daisy Leaves on the two branches.
Step 4:  Rose and Bud :Leaves in Ribbon Stitch.
Step 5:  Fly stitch scattered in 1 strand of the
tan thread.
Step 6:  French Knots in Cream Silk Ribbon for the
Baby's Breath.

Mixed Silk 4 mm Pinks 

Mixed Silk Ribbon Pink Pack 

Carol Daisy

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  1. What a wonderful site you have Carol. You are so generous with the wonderful Tutorials and patterns. I will be back I'm sure.
    Joy....New Zealand.