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Saturday, November 14, 2009

FREE SRE DESIGN -Small Daisy Spray

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Projects 

Here is a simple design that I have added to the
collar of a girls dress. ( Size 3 )
Of course you may wish to use it in another application.

   The colours are just as a suggestion. Whatever ribbon scraps you have in your sewing box could be used.

Ribbons: 4 mm.- Pink, Lemon, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink /Purple.
Threads: Green, Yellow, Lilac Embroidery Threads.
Beads: Small Pearls for the Daisy Centre.

Place pellon at the back of the area to be Embroidered,
with  tacking stitches to hold the two together.

Step 1: Stem Stitch the fern stalk and
lazy daisy leaves. ( 2 Strands)
Step 2: In a circular movement make Ribbon Stitches in Pink
for the centre daisy. Stitch the Pearl into the Centre.
Step 3: Small Ribbon Stitch Flowers with 5 petals in
Lemon Ribbon.
Step 4: French Knots in Blue Ribbon ( 3 Wraps )
four knots per flower. Yellow thread french knot for the
centre, using 1 strand of thread.
Step 5: Place 2 Green Ribbon Stitch Leaves between
the petals of the larger daisy as shown in design.
Step 6: With Purple / Pink Ribbon work one Running Stitch/
Step 7: Using 1 Thread of the Lilac Embroidery Thread,
three wraps. place small french knots around the outside
of the flowers.

Carol Daisy

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