Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tutorial - Folded Ribbon Rose

Once you have mastered  the basic folding technique of these Roses,
they can be created from a wide variety of Ribbons.
The photo here shows them made in  Satin Ribbon,
Satin Ribbon / Organza Ribbon Combination and Organza with
a Gold Thread Edge.

Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon 25 mm.

For a much softer effect of course you would use Silk Ribbon.
The Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons which are available in the wider
sizes are ideal for this.  The variance in colour through the
ribbon becomes shading in the petals, making it much more

Ribbon Edged Organza Ribbon  20 mm.

Step 1:  Cut the Ribbon edge at an angle.
Fold the ribbon forward diagonally,
leaving a tail.

 Step 2:  Fold over the ribbon starting from
the right, making a firm centre for the rose.
Stitch to hold in matching thread.
( For this tutorial I have a different colour
thread to make it easier for you to see ).
Step 3:  Fold the ribbon diagonally to the
Step 4:  Wrap the fold around the
rose centre, each one of the folds
becomes a petal.
Continue in this way until you have
the desired size rose.

Take care not to have all the folds on the one
side of your rose. On the outer petals as the
rose is growing in size, you may  need to gather
the ribbon at the base a little to prevent this.

Step 5:  On the last fold stitch the ribbon
to the base and cut off  at an angle.
Notice how the gold thread alternates
through the petals.  The same with
combining two ribbons such as Satin
and Organza.

Hint:  Should you be concerned about wastage
of Ribbon, an alternative is to replace this with
crepe paper double fold.
This paper holds firm without stitching 
by pressing the folds in place.  Allows you
to have a few practice runs.

Be patient in time you will be able to do them
with very little effort.

Carol Daisy