Saturday, November 14, 2009


Silk Ribbon Embroidery Projects

Silk Ribbons in three complimentary colours.
Lazy Daisy Leaves in Cream Embroidery Thread.
Lime Green Seed Beads stitched down amongst the flowers.
Measures:  7 cms  across  x 6 cms high.

You will need  3 or  more colours  in 4 mm Silk Ribbon
approx. 1 metre of each colour.
1 Metre of Embroidery Thread,
Small amount of  Small Seed Beads,

Step 1:  Where the X is marked, place
Running Stitch / French Knot Flowers, in groups
of  3 or 4.
Step 2:  With 2 strands of  Embroidery Thread
create small leaves in Lazy Daisy Stitch, coming
from between or under the flowers.
Step 3:  Sew on Seed Beads in any gaps

Carol Daisy

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