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Sunday, November 15, 2009

FREE SRE DESIGN - Apricot Roses

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Projects

 Spider Web Roses in Apricot  

You will require: 1 Metre  Dark Apricot 4 mm. Silk Ribbon
                          1 Metre Pale Apricot  4 mm Silk Ribbon
                         .5 Metre Olive Green 4 mm. Silk Ribbon
                         .3 Metre Matching Green Embroidery Thread

Step 1: Create the Centre of the Spider Roses in Dk Apricot, then change to
the Paler colour.   Make sure you stay in sequence when changing ribbons.
Step 2:  The buds are Detached Chain Stitch, leaving a longer tip when
taking the needle back through.  This will be part of the rose tip.
Step 3:  Place a Y stitch around the base of the bud and continue on
with stem stitch across to the Full  Rose. Place 2 small straight stitches at the
tip of the rose bud in green thread.
Step 4:  Leaves are in  Ribbon Stitch.

Carol Daisy


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