Sunday, December 3, 2017

HANDMADE GIFT - Crazy Quilted Pouch


Step 1:  Complete a Crazy Patch /Crazy Quilting Block.

My completed block is 16 cms( 6 1/2 inches) wide
x 13 cms (5 1/4 inches) High.

I have started with the image of this lady featuring poppies 
and a dove. 

I framed her with a selection of dupioni scraps I had available.
 Added a piece of vintage tatted lace in one seam, and a few
hand dyed lace flower remnants, a brass key,organza 
embroidered lace trims.

Step 2: Added Silk Ribbon to the image of the poppies 
with Ribbon Stitch, also the butterfly and then
carried the butterflies in a line through to the
side.  Black Kreinik threads in long stitch to form the body,
and small french knots for the antenna. For assistance
with the butterflies go to the Insect Tutorial.

The larger poppies are made as a gathered stitch forming
a circle as you go in 7 mm Silk Ribbon. Similar to the
Stems and Leaves in 4 mm Emerald Green Silk Ribbon, by 
tightly twisting the ribbon to form a stem.
Pearls  beads added to the organza flowers in the centre 
and green and black beads for the poppies.
Seam embellishments in Kreinik in gold and brass with
addition of complementary seed beads.

Step 3:  Red Dupioni measuring 21 cms x 16 cms.
 (8 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches)
Fold in half wrong side facing out. Place on block which
 is facing up as shown in the image below.
Machine Stitch down the 3 sides not the top seam.
 Over lock the seams and trim the corners to give a softer curve.
Turn right side out with the block facing out,
 pocket formed at the back and stitched
to the Crazy Quilting Block in 1 step.

The extra silk became the band of the pouch.
Press with iron for a 1 cm fold and then fold again over
 the top edge. As you would with Bias Binding.
Press Again and then machine stitch the binding down. 

Options for Closure:  
 Press studs, Velcro, Lengths of silk ribbon attached
to the bias to tie. Magnetic dots.

Turn this into a gift and gift wrapping all in one, by filling
 with a gift of your choice. eg. if you have a specific
purpose for this pouch, customise to fit the gift.

Suggestions:  Jewellery, tissue pouch, gift cards, 
small diary or address book, and for the 
Crazy Quilter or Embroiderer add a selection of needles, 
needle nest, silk ribbons, threads, embellishments, etc.

Carol Daisy

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Handmade Gift - Glasses Pouch with Silk Ribbon Flowers

Handmade Embellished Glasses Pouch

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Glass Pouch

Glass Pouch Embroidered with Silk Ribbon Loop Flowers

For guidance and tutorials go to the Loop Flower Tutorial This is based on the Free Design "Lemon Blossom"

Larger Flowers are Loop Flower in 
7 mm Soft Pink Pure Silk Ribbon.
Smaller Ribbon Stitch Flowers in Blue 
with soft green Ribbon Stitch Leaves. 
 Larger Leaves from Loop Flower in Soft Green 7 mm.
Addition of Beads TOHO Seed Bead Mix - Hime Pink.
Just love working with these beads. The assortment of sizes gives so much variety and options all in one Mix.
And adding another layer with Czech Pressed Flowers, and small pieces of Hand Dyed Lace.

1. Begin with the Ribbon Embroidery.
Allow more fabric than is necessary for the 
finished size of the glass case, as you will need to 
place in a hoop to complete the SRE. 

2. Mark out an area for the embroidery, tacking 
down a piece of pellon at the back of the fabric. 
( Be guided by the finished width of the case and 
glasses size.)

3.  Using a water erasable pen, mark the area for the larger Loop Flowers and smaller Ribbon Flowers.
 The areas in between can be filled in with leaves,
beads etc. 

4.Use the Loop Flower Links above to complete the Embroidery.

5. With Beading Thread add the Beads to the centres of the flowers, Pressed Flowers with Seed Bead Centre and some smaller beads scatter through the design.

6. Enlarge the fabric area with complimentary colours.
 to form the front and lining of the pouch.

Example:  Embroidered Fabric - Soft Rose Pink in Faux Silk.
Inside Lining - Gold Shot Dupioni.
Pocket Fabric - Hot Pink in Silk Blend Shantung.

7.  Complete the two separate pieces. I have placed a
fold in the top edge of each pocket, which I hand stitched over to close.

8. The curve was marked with the water erasable pen
using the hoop as the guide.

9. Stitch the side seams of both pieces.

10. Turn the lining piece right way around.

11. Place inside the outer piece and stitch the embroidered fold over area with the curved edge as marked. 

12. Turn right side out and stitch the 2 folded edges together with hidden running stitch.

13. Add a press stud or magnetic stud for closure.

There are some great Tutorials available by searching on
Pinterest. Here are two great sites that have a well documented tutorial in making a pouch in this way. 

Reference is given to certain colours in this Project, 
but can easily be adapted to whatever fabric and Silk Ribbon you have at hand. 
I am sure there would be some Ladies on your Christmas Gift List who would be thrilled to get a Pouch like this,
lovingly created by yourselves.

Carol Daisy

Sunday, October 29, 2017

HANDMADE GIFT- Embroidered Bookmark

Handmade Gift -

 Silk Ribbon Embroidered  Bookmarks

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Bookmarks 

It has been great working on these and finding scraps of laces and ribbon to use. You may find other options in your stash. 

I came across this great tutorial by Christie, as a 
Diy Ribbon Book Mark.

and thought they would look gorgeous as an 
embroidered item.

Follow the link above to see how Christie made hers, the only main difference with my effort is that the ribbon has to be longer to cover the Embroidered area.
Whatever length you need for the completed item
 add half again 
eg. Finished length  42 cms ( 16.5 inches)  
 add 21 cms  (8.5 inches) for the fold over and seams.
Length of Ribbon to start 63 cms (25 inches)

For the ribbon lengths to be inserted in the hoop I 
tacked the lengths onto a piece of interfacing.
This is easily cut or torn off when completed and gives a base to stitch down the ribbons.

1.  Pink Grosgrain Ribbon 25 mm (1 inch)
3 Hand Dyed Lace Motifs, Pearl Centres,
 Sequin Cupped Flowers with smaller pearl centre,
 Pressed Glass Flowers.
Silver Hair Tie, Mother of Pearl Button. Running Stitch
of Kreinik Lilac Thread at the edges.

2.Cream Grosgrain Ribbon 25 mm (1 inch) 
 Trellis of Roses, Rosebuds and Leaves in Ribbon Stitch.
Small Butterfly Lace Motif and Button, Pink Hair Tie.
For instruction on how to complete Roses and Rosebuds.
Tutorial: Rosebuds

Ribbon Stitch  or Side Bar for these and other flowers. 

3.  Two Tone Wired Taffeta Green Ribbon  25 mm ( 1 inch)
Pansies - 3 and Buds.
Scattering of Metallic Black/ Bronze Seed Beads. 
Black Elastic threaded through a length of
 fine black trim and stitched at ends to
 form a circle. Mauve/ Brass Button.

4.  Two Tone Wired Cream Pink Taffeta 25 mm ( 1 inch ) 
Small Hand Dyed Lace Pieces, Sequin Flowers, 
Glass Pressed Flowers, Bee Charm. Bronze/ Pearl Button.

5. As shown in top image is a row of Dragonflies in 
Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
Tutorial : Insects

Notes: A small piece of stiffening can be placed between the layers to give a stronger base for the button, as the taffeta ribbons are quite soft.
The wire can be removed from the taffeta edge after completing the embroidery, but it does tend to fray
 once you do this. 

These would also look great embroidered onto a
young girls hair band.

Carol Daisy

Saturday, October 21, 2017

HANDMADE GIFT- Silk Ribbon Embroidered Cuff

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Cuff - Ribbon Stitch 

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Cuff.

Materials/ Notions:

1 Piece of Dupioni Silk - Length determined by wrist
 measurement. For my own 18 x 14 cms
Lace 5 cms width so 9 cms was allowed for the fold and stitching to close over.
Lace Remnant with a pattern to enhance with the Silk Ribbon.
( However Straight lace and freehand Silk Ribbon Embroidery can still apply).
1 Small Piece of Pellon. 5 x 18 cms.
1 Small Piece of Stiffening such as Buckram (Not adhesive) to give the bracelet shape.
4.5 x 16 cms ( Allowing for the side hem without bulk - cut later to shape.)
Silk Ribbon 7 mm. ( for this example approximately 3 metres)
Small Pearls - Centre and Small 11/0 Gold Seed Beads.
Toggle Set or Bracelet Clasps for closure.
Sewing Thread, Beading Thread.Chenille, Beading,
 Embroidery Needles.

Tack the Lace into position, I usually use a different colour thread, much easier to see and pull out later.
Once you have completed the Embroidery, this should hold the lace in position. 
I then proceeded to overlock the four sides as I know from experience how quickly dupioni can fray.

On wrong side with loose tacking stitches position and
stitch the pellon into position.
This is a good base to stitch down the ribbons ends.

Place the Fabric into an Embroidery Hoop and with 7 mm Ribbon I have worked Ribbon Stitch petals into the lace.
( Naturally you can adapt the embroidery to suit the lace underlay.)

(My example is with beautifully soft variances from Rose Pink to Light Olive.
Should you wish to use a solid colour you would have a bold display of colour and would need to add a 2nd or 3 get the same effect. This is were the variances in hand dyed ribbon is such an excellent option. 

The flowers are embroidered in Ribbon Stitch, a quite simple stitch for beginners, for the Tutorial Link
 Ribbon Stitch or find it at the site bar as a stitch tutorial.

Once the Embroidery is completed, I have added a small pearl, surrounded by gold seed beads with
 Beading Thread and the Beading Needle.

P.S. I went a little too far with the embroidery, by not allowing an area at each end to do the machine stitching. Made it a little more difficult. 
Close over at both ends by folding the bare silk
back across the front as a double layer and machine stitch
just the ends. Turn back out to right sides. Press.

  I did iron over a 10 mm fold and that needs to 
be closest to the embroidery, so that once it is turned back out this will become the  seam to stitch the bracelet closed.

Machine stitch the ends on the wrong side. Turn right side out, press.
Before closing off the back, I used a heavy embroidery thread to
add the toggles and extended them 5 mm ( need the length to thread the toggle through).

If adding a bracelet clamp close off the whole bracelet before  pushing on the clamp.
I didn't have one at the time so I improvised, with the toggle set. 

Carol Daisy

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Silk Embroidered Bracelet

Ever wonder what to do with those small pieces of Dupioni in your stash. How about making an Embroidered Bracelet.

Scrap of Silk Dupioni  9 x 18 cms. Red in this example.
Pellon 4 cms x 18 cms. 
Red Sequin Braid,Organza Red Ribbon 20 mm. wide 
Selection of Pressed Glass Leaves, Pearls, Seed Beads in Gold or Bronze.
Silk Ribbon 7 mm Red 1 Metre.
Large Pearl and Bead Cap in Gold ( Centre of Gathered Organza Flower)
Thread - Clear beading thread or a matching colour.

Place the Pellon on the back of fabric, allowing .5 cm for a seam allowance on both sides, press down with iron on silk setting then lightly tack pellon into position.
( Usually best to overlock the edges of Dupioni as they
do fray badly while you are embroidering)
This will be folded in half and the seams stitched together after completing embroidery.

Pin the braid and organza ribbon into a position of your liking. I have gathered the organza and slightly plaited 
them together. With matching thread stitch down to dupioni, this may also include using some of the
 gold seed beads.

Add the Glass Leaves with a few tucked under the braid.

Make up 4 Five Petal Flowers as per the tutorial, add a small pearl for the centre, stitch down to the fabric. 

The larger organza is a gathered flower refer the Gathered/ Folded Carnation Tutorial without the folded rose centre.  Place a bead cap and larger pearl in the centre and stitch

Clasp and Toggle are placed on the ends with a double layer of Silk Ribbon threaded through the eye.  Fold bracelet
in half , allowing a .5 cm fold to close the bracelet together. Stitch the ends with the Silk Ribbon, Toggle 
and Clasp in position.  Hand stitch the opening together.

This is No. 1 of Bracelet projects I have on
the go, will post as I have others done. 

Carol Daisy

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Embellishing your silk ribbon embroideries



Basic Crazy Quilt Block before embellishing.

Dimension and Pizazz

Stepping up to the next level in SRE.

Once you have mastered the technique of  SRE stitches and shaping these into flowers,  leaves, insects, etc. now it is time to take a step up.

Layering, textures, variances of colour, reflections, highlights all add a different effect and give dimension to your work.

Get together an assortment of beads, sequins, metallic threads ( eg. Kreinik) glass and lucite flowers and leaves and see how it will change the effect of your work.  Keep in mind Clear Beading 
Thread as an option for stitching down laces, braid etc.  No need to change your thread constantly to match the item, it blends in well.
( Obviously this will not work for a basic dark colour such as black, but with variances in shades will disguise well.)

Crazy Patch Seam Embellishment is one example of this with the use of various stitches, Beads and Sequins.

Adding these type of elements can give your embroidery a more whimsical effect or increase the sequins and beading and instantly it becomes more glamourous.

 Let's admit it ladies we can all do with some BLING!!!!!

Embellishment Packs are available from CarolDaisyCrafts Etsy Store.

Carol Daisy