Saturday, November 11, 2017

Glasses Pouch with Silk Ribbon Flowers


Silk Ribbon Embroidered Glass Pouch

Week 3 of the challenge.Glass Pouch Embroidered with Silk Ribbon Flowers

For guidance and tutorials go to the Loop Flower Tutorial This is based on the Free Design "Lemon Blossom"

Larger Flowers are Loop Flower in 
Kacoonda 7 mm 010 Pure Silk Ribbon.
Smaller Ribbon Stitch Flowers in Blue 
with soft green Ribbon Stitch Leaves. 
 Larger Leaves from Loop Flower in Soft Green 7 mm.
Addition of Beads from TOHO Seed Bead Mix - Hime Pink.
Just love working with these beads. The assortment of sizes
gives so much variety and options all in one Mix.
And adding another layer with Czech Pressed Flowers, and 
small pieces of Hand Dyed Lace.

1. Begin with the Ribbon Embroidery.
Allow more fabric than is necessary for the 
finished size of the glass case, as you will need to 
place in a hoop to complete the SRE. 

2. Mark out an area for the embroidery, tacking down a piece
of pellon at the back of the fabric. 
( Be guided by the finished width of the case and 
glasses size.)

3.  Using a water erasable pen, mark the area for the larger
Loop Flowers and smaller Ribbon Flowers. The areas
in between can be filled in with leaves beads etc. 

4.Use the Loop Flower Links above to complete the Embroidery.

5. With Beading Thread add the Beads to the centres of the flowers, Pressed Flowers with Seed Bead Centre and some smaller beads scatter through the design.

6. Enlarge the fabric area with complimentary colours.
 to form the front and lining of the pouch.

Example:  Embroidered Fabric - Soft Rose Pink in Faux Silk.
Inside Lining - Gold Shot Dupioni.
Pocket Fabric - Hot Pink in Silk Blend Shantung.

7.  Complete the two separate pieces. I have placed a
fold in the top edge of each pocket, which I hand stitched
over to close.

8. The curve was marked with the water erasable pen
using the hoop as the guide.

9. Stitch the side seams of both pieces.

10. Turn the lining piece right way around.

11. Place inside the outer piece and stitch the embroidered fold over area with the curved edge as marked. 

12. Turn right side out and stitch the 2 folded edges together
with hidden running stitch.

13. Add a press stud or magnetic stud for closure.

There are some great Tutorials available by searching on
Pinterest. Here are two great sites that have a well documented tutorial in making a pouch in this way.

Reference is given to certain colours in the Challenge Project, 
but can easily be adapted to whatever fabric and Silk Ribbon 
you have at hand. 
I am sure there would be some Ladies on your Christmas Gift
List who would be thrilled to get a Pouch like this,
lovingly created by yourselves.

Carol Daisy