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French Tags - Mixed Media Free Tutorial


 These are a just great for gift giving.
Do you have hidden away in your sewing stash pieces 
of lace that are just too small to put to use, 
but you cannot bear to part with them. 
This is a way to have it on show.
Bring out such items as:
Small remnants of Lace ( Vintage or Modern )
Doilies - damaged but precious
Buttons. Charms, Ribbons
Hand Dyed Lace Trim or Motifs
Broken pieces of jewellery
Images Satin Transfers OR Fabric images

For this illustrated tag you will need:-

1 Backing Piece 12 x 22 cms.

1 Fabric Stiffening  10 x 20 cms.
1 Image ( 8 x 6 cms)
Small pieces of fabric to frame the image.

Make up the front panel add pieces of fabric around the image.
Layering is the one plus with this type of craft, the more the better.
Place the stiffening at the back. For this example I have placed 
lace around the image to create a picture frame.

Overlapping where necessary.  Making it wider than the fabric.
 Hand tack in matching thread to keep the lace in position.

At the base I have added a hand dyed lace motif
with a slight touch of blue in the centre which I feel suits the blue
 in the maids dress. Pearls stitched into the flower centre.
  With seed beads I have framed the image, stitching them to 
the edge of the lace with a beading needle and beading thread.

Base-  Is a gathered Rosette in lace.
2nd Layer - Constructed from 13 mm Silk Ribbon.
Make small pleats, hand stitch each one in place, be sure
 to leave a tail at each end to form it into a circle. 
Total length 8 cms after pleating and allow
an extra 2 cms each end. 
Shape into a circle and stitch ends together and flat against
 the rosette so it will not show, then run a gathering 
stitch through the inside seam and gently pull it together 
into a rosette, finish off well so it will not come undone.
Layer the two together stitch down in place on the
lace foundation using a button as the centre, this will cover 
all the gathering areas you don't want to show. 
To add balance to the frame 2 pieces of venice lace leaves cut
 from a motif, dyed to match the flowers at the base.

Once you are happy with the finished result for the tag, fold over 
the laces to the back and slip stitch them down to the stiffening.
Cover it with the backing piece.


I pressed the seams down to make it the required size then edged
this with a fine 1 cm lace trim to give an attractive edge.
If machine sewing it may be best to do some hand tacking first to
make it easier to handle under the pressure foot with such
a narrow lace.

Place it to the back of the French Tag and slip stitch the two
pieces together.

All that remains now is to add an eyelet to the top of the tag.
The opening for this believe it or not I have made with a
ordinary office whole punch. Should you have the proper
tool it will be simple to do. As an alternative the ribbon could be stitched 
to the tag, maybe with a few pleats for disguise.

Ribbons:   Satin, Organza, Silk, Braid or even a length of Lace
can be used to display your French Tag.

Let your imagination run wild with different themes for your tags.

Colourful, Christmas, Birthday, Modern, Vintage, Embroidered.
Place the eyelet as per packet directions.
Consider it as a card for a special occasion, which will be
treasured and on display. 
An extra pouch could be added at the back to hold a fragrant

Much prettier than being hidden away in a sewing basket,
don't you agree.

So pull out your Sewing Baskets and get inspired.

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 Caroldaisy Crafts Competition

Welcome to the 1st CaroldaisyCrafts Competition.
to Enter please send a Comment /Conversation
Headed - Competition Entry
1st Prize is a Crazy Quilting Package (as shown)
Includes: 9 Fabric Images
Threads, Silk Ribbons, Embellishments and
of course all the Hand Dyed Laces shown.


Only 1 entry per person or customer.
If more than 1 correct entry a draw of those will be taken.
Or if no correct no. the closest entries will be taken into account
and a draw of names made.
A runner up prize will be given to the 2nd draw or closest to the count.
Competition closes 30.6.19.

Carol Daisy

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Silk Ribbon Sale


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Excellent opportunity to get some spare ribbon packs for your Craft Stash, Crazy Quilting Supplies or Silk Ribbon Embroidery Projects.

Carol Daisy

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Patchwork, Quilting, Textile Art or Craft Embellishments 
by Saveechi Buttons.
There is a Listing for one of each Set, first in gets the set of each.
Handmade and Painted by a friend (sadly no longer with us).
I am selling these in the hope that they may be put to use instead of sitting in the store. 
Norma spent so much time on these and I would

love to see them in your projects.

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Caroldaisy Crafts Etsy Store

Time has flown by 2 months already, let's finish off March with a 20% Discount Store Wide. Some items such as #Clearance will be at cost. Your Support and Reviews has been just wonderful, and encourages my creativity, so much more to be done and NEW Products will be listed APRIL.


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 Carol Daisy Crafts

Silk Ribbons, Hand Dyed Laces,
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Embroidery Kits, Embellishments.

Daisys Garden

has been closed,now trading solely on my Etsy Store. New Products are continually being added as time permits me to produce them. For updates on the Caroldaisy Crafts Store, follow me on this Blog, Pinterest or Facebook.

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