Monday, August 27, 2018

Invitation to Pinterest - Silk Ribbon Embroidery

For almost 10 years I have been blogging through my Silk Ribbon Embroidery Blogspot as Carol Daisy,
where I have received visitors from all over the world. 

This has been wonderful,
but I do not get to meet anyone and wonder if I am
giving assistance and encouragement to you all.

I am issuing an Invitation to join me on my Pinterest Group Board, to display your work and SRE you have been able to achieve.  This is not a competition of showing the best embroidery efforts, more so as encouragement for others, no matter your age, ability or experience.
 I am of the firm belief that Embroidery, Crafts, Sewing, knitting etc. can be a therapy for anxiety, depression and loneliness. ( I state that from personal experience ) Using your Creative side can be so relaxing and rewarding, along with the fact that we are keeping these crafts alive, and
all share a common bond with our love of Craft.
This is not the end of the Silk Ribbon Embroidery Blog,
more so a new beginning, there will be more postings
in the future including Video Tutorials, Free Designs
and Stitches.

" Taken from my 1 st Post. June 2009 "

I have developed a passion for Ribbon Embroidery
 over the last 5 years.
 At first it began from creating and selling my work,
 but now it is about encouraging others to take up this easy,
 quick form of embroidery. 

Really how difficult is it to put aside some time to sit and stitch, you won't believe how addictive it is to actually 
create something  with your own hands. In this economic climate, people are starting to realise how 
therapeutic craft can be.

 Why not become one of them.

Lovers of Silk Ribbon Embroidery 

How to be to participate 
Must be a registered Member of Pinterest.

1. Go to Email Link on the the sidebar.

2. Send me an Email stating your first name and Email Address.
( this information will not be used for any other purpose only to Collaborate in the Lovers of Silk Ribbon Embroidery Board.)

3. Firstly you need to be a Follower of the Board, to do this I shall issue you an Invitation to Join the Board. Once the link has been received. you will need to accept the invitation
Come join the Group Board Lovers of Silk Ribbon Embroidery - Carol Daisy

Accept Invite

4.Go to this link

Pinterest will then ask you to accept to collaborate on this board.

Once this is done it follows through as normal, when you have an image to pin the
" Lovers of Silk Ribbon Embroidery" should appear on Choose board

 As the Owner of the Board I reserve the rights to delete
any Pins, I feel are not suitable or Spam. 
Please take this Invitation in the way it is intended.
Making use of this Group Board as way of promoting your business
or distasteful Pins will not tolerated and will be removed immediately.

Lets all have some fun and join in our common cause and promote
the joy of Craft and especially Silk Ribbon Embroidery. 

Carol Daisy

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

FREE DESIGN - Running / French Knot Combination

Petite Rose Corsage in

Running Stitch / French Knot Combination

A simple way to make your work shine and step up a notch
is to make use of a Hand Dyed Ribbon / Variegated Ribbon.

The changes in colour as you progress gives the finished result
more dimension and reality. Plus I feel the dye adds a stiffness
to the ribbon and presents the petals in a firmer way.

This is a Stitch which can be executed with 4 mm or 7 mm or even
(13 mm with some caution and overall difference in appearance ).
My preference is in 7 mm. which is used in this instance.

Using a plain silk dupioni piece or another fabric with a loose weave.
Follow the images below or go to my earlier post -

  SRE- Running Stitch / French Knot Combination for more detailed steps.

Add some Ribbon Stitch Petals, Leaves, stem stitch for the Stems and
the Corsage is complete. Additionally you could add small beads to 
the Rose Centres or scattered between the roses. 

Turn your completed embroidery into a Fragrance Pouch and fill with Rose Petal Pot Pourri, Book or Phone Cover, or add it to your Crazy Quilting Blocks.

Carol Daisy