Monday, April 2, 2012

Giveaway Winner - Happy Easter

May I take this opportunity to wish
all my followers and readers
a Happy and Safe  Easter Break.

I shall be taking full advantage of  the 4 days
in my craft room, and so looking forward to it.
There is a slight crispness early mornings now and
just perfect for relaxing with my stitching.

The winner of the 400 Followers Giveaway
has been chosen by a Random Generator.

 and is

Thank you for your entries and sorry to all

who missed out.

Carol Daisy

Saturday, March 17, 2012

400 Followers Giveaway

Thanks to Graphic Fairy for this poster

Hello to all my followers,

We have almost reached another milestone at

Silk Ribbon Embroidery  - Caroldaisy.blogspot.

Therefore a Giveaway is certainly called for.

I have for sometime now been selling the
Fibre Goddess Cordmakers at Daisys
and personally feel they are a great tool to have in
your craft room.

For the embroiderer they can be handy in turning
your leftover threads, trims and ribbons into cords. 
You no longer have to look for matching cords to
suit your projects.
Not to forget a handmade trim can be made for
seam embellishments.

Also included in the Giveaway a
Clover Flower Frill Template Pack
Turn your  left over pieces of fabric into gorgeous flowers.
4 templates included to create 5 inch - "125 mm" 
and 6 inch  - "150 mm " flowers.
If you wish visit Create and Enhance where I have a
short tutorial on the Cordmaker.
There are a lot more uses for this tool and in the
future I shall be adding more posts.
Another use for the cordmaker is in making 
a handmade trim for seam embellishments. 

          Giveaway:  1 Fibre Goddess Cordmaker
                    A Bag of threads etc. for Experimenting
                     1 Clover Flower Maker

Conditions of Entry: 
You need to be a Follower of Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
International entries are welcome.
Competition will close the 26th. March, 2012.
Extending to 31st March. I have been a little late with my

Entry by email to 


1:   I have created SRE Bees in a tutorial, what type of
of ribbon are the wings stitched with......................

2:   In the Carnation Tutorial - which ribbon is used.


3:   Water Lily is the Birthflower for which month....... .    

Copy and paste this questionairre to your reply with the answers.

Good Luck.

Carol Daisy 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crazy Patch Supplies

The time has flown since my last posting
on Dragonflies, Butterflies and other
insects, isn't that the way as we get
into those senior !!!!! years.
Thank you for your comments on these
tutorials, glad you liked them.
It can be such a quick way to add interest
with just a few leftover lengths of Silk Ribbon.

I just celebrated my 60th. and must
say that it is a little confusing as the no of
years does not agree with the way
 my brain and body are feeling.

The next tutorial coming up soon will be on
taking full advantage of Hand Dyed Ribbons
for adding extra lighting, dimension and wow factor
to your work.

I have been having a great time making up more
Crazy Patch Project Packs for and these are a few that
can be found online.  More to be added soon. 

Carol Daisy

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bees and Ladybugs in SRE

Field of Daisies Pincushion Kit

Again we are using Ribbon Stitch, this time to create some
cute bees. 
1st:  Stitch 3 - 4  Ribbon Stitches over laping and slightly curved
to give shape to the flower.  This is done simply by combining
straight Ribbon Stitches and a few with the needle being placed
to the side of the ribbon to curl and shape.

Refer to the Ribbon Stitch Tutorial

2nd:  Use 2 strands of Black Thread to produce the stripes,
legs, and eyes, these are French Knots - 1 Strand to add the
antenna and stinger. 

3rd:  The wings here in this example are 7 mm. Organza Ribbon,
Silk can also be used. Add 2 Ribbon Stitches.

Daisy Chain Kit

1st:  With an erasable pen I have outlined the
body shape of the Ladybird,then with 3 strands
of black embroidery thread filled it with french knots
with slightly bigger knots in the centre. 
I have done this to give a raised
body - optional.

2nd:  I added 3 very small ribbon stitches at the tip to
form the head, and 2 ribbon stitches through the 
centre of the body. This is to allow for an opening
of the wings in the centre.
The eyes are yellow kreinik thread.  
If you have a small seed bead this may be used. 
At the time I could not find one small enough.

3rd: Add the legs and feelers  in black thread
- 1 strand or metallic thread.


4th:  The red Ladybirds are in 4 mm. and the
gold is in 7 mm. Silk Ribbon. With the 7 mm.
I only needed the two ribbon stitches.
The 4 mm. has taken four, 2 each side leaving 
a centre gap as though it is about to fly away. 
5th:   You can now add some spots.
- French Knots or Beads.

No need to replicate nature with these, you
could go way out with bold colours, larger,
add sequins and beads for a more whimsical 
or artistic impression.

Have fun with these, add them to your 
embroidered gardens and bring
some life to it.

Carol Daisy

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dragonflies in SRE


Dragonflies have become thoroughly addictive to some.
Collecting them in the form of jewellery, paintings,
adorned containers or boxes, budlights to name a few.

You can't help but admire this delicate agile creature, with its
transparent wings and brightly coloured bodies.
They open up so many possibilities for the embroiderer to
imitate and add them to their craft items.
I have created these 2 dragonflies with 
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons
and have allowed the colours to be the highlight,
along with the bright coloured beads for the body.
You may desire a more subtle appearance
in which case a softer tone Silk Ribbon could be

1st:   Gather together some seed beads, bugle beads.
Use these to create the body. I have added a
second smaller bead to the eyes.
These beads are mostly 11/0 to be in proportion
to the size of the wings and have used 7 mm. ribbon.

2nd:  Add the wings, starting with the top 2 and then
the bottom pair. Take the ribbon through under the
body keeping them even and in proportion to the
size of the body.

3rd: Add some features as desired, a few french knots
at the tips as shown or embroidery stitches to
imitate the markings. These will also help to
keep the wings fixed to the fabric as it is
such a long Ribbon Stitch.

Motifs available at Daisys Garden
Carol Daisy

Monday, January 9, 2012

Butterflies. Dragonflies in SRE

A flower garden cannot survive without a visit from
 the birds and bees to pollinate and keep it
 reproducing beautiful blooms.
I feel that a Silk Ribbon Embroidery is enhanced
 by the addition of Butterflies, Dragonflies,
 Bees, Bugs, Spiders and even Ants.
You could add a charm, lace motif or go one step 
further with Silk Ribbons, Threads and Beads. 
These small items are great for using those
 small lengths of ribbon. No need to limit them
to your Garden Scenes, add as an embellishment to 
other items you have made. 
(eg. Baby's Clothing, on a bodice, headband, 
lingerie, gift satchels, crazy patch. )

 If you do not feel confident at doing these free hand, 
do a simple sketch to help keep it in proportion. 
Before you begin, decide on the size, the body shape, whether you would like to use the same size 
Silk Ribbon ( 7mm. for the top wings and 4 mm
 for the lower are my preference.)
The colours are numerous, so go wild or match it
to your embroidery. 
A Google Image search on Butterflies will give 
you loads of inspiration.

1st. Stitch the body with a basic straight / satin stitch. 
(My preference is Kreinik Thread, which adds some bling and reflection of light, plus I just love the colours 
available) then add 2 stitches for the antenna.

 2nd. Start with the wings at the top, doing a ribbon stitch
and then a corresponding one on the other side.
Work your way down to the tail.

3rd.  Add any decoration for the markings on the wings.
( French Knots - silk threads or metallic, beads, sequins).

4th. If a side version add a few stitches for the legs.

Just a sample of some different ways to create these.

Carol Daisy