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Sunday, October 29, 2017

HANDMADE GIFT- Embroidered Bookmark

Handmade Gift -

 Silk Ribbon Embroidered  Bookmarks

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Bookmarks 

It has been great working on these and finding scraps of laces and ribbon to use. You may find other options in your stash. 

I came across this great tutorial by Christie, as a 
Diy Ribbon Book Mark.

and thought they would look gorgeous as an 
embroidered item.

Follow the link above to see how Christie made hers, the only main difference with my effort is that the ribbon has to be longer to cover the Embroidered area.
Whatever length you need for the completed item
 add half again 
eg. Finished length  42 cms ( 16.5 inches)  
 add 21 cms  (8.5 inches) for the fold over and seams.
Length of Ribbon to start 63 cms (25 inches)

For the ribbon lengths to be inserted in the hoop I 
tacked the lengths onto a piece of interfacing.
This is easily cut or torn off when completed and gives a base to stitch down the ribbons.

1.  Pink Grosgrain Ribbon 25 mm (1 inch)
3 Hand Dyed Lace Motifs, Pearl Centres,
 Sequin Cupped Flowers with smaller pearl centre,
 Pressed Glass Flowers.
Silver Hair Tie, Mother of Pearl Button. Running Stitch
of Kreinik Lilac Thread at the edges.

2.Cream Grosgrain Ribbon 25 mm (1 inch) 
 Trellis of Roses, Rosebuds and Leaves in Ribbon Stitch.
Small Butterfly Lace Motif and Button, Pink Hair Tie.
For instruction on how to complete Roses and Rosebuds.
Tutorial: Rosebuds

Ribbon Stitch  or Side Bar for these and other flowers. 

3.  Two Tone Wired Taffeta Green Ribbon  25 mm ( 1 inch)
Pansies - 3 and Buds.
Scattering of Metallic Black/ Bronze Seed Beads. 
Black Elastic threaded through a length of
 fine black trim and stitched at ends to
 form a circle. Mauve/ Brass Button.

4.  Two Tone Wired Cream Pink Taffeta 25 mm ( 1 inch ) 
Small Hand Dyed Lace Pieces, Sequin Flowers, 
Glass Pressed Flowers, Bee Charm. Bronze/ Pearl Button.

5. As shown in top image is a row of Dragonflies in 
Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
Tutorial : Insects

Notes: A small piece of stiffening can be placed between the layers to give a stronger base for the button, as the taffeta ribbons are quite soft.
The wire can be removed from the taffeta edge after completing the embroidery, but it does tend to fray
 once you do this. 

These would also look great embroidered onto a
young girls hair band.

Carol Daisy

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