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Saturday, October 21, 2017

HANDMADE GIFT- Silk Ribbon Embroidered Cuff

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Cuff - Ribbon Stitch 

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Cuff.

Materials/ Notions:

1 Piece of Dupioni Silk - Length determined by wrist
 measurement. For my own 18 x 14 cms
Lace 5 cms width so 9 cms was allowed for the fold and stitching to close over.
Lace Remnant with a pattern to enhance with the Silk Ribbon.
( However Straight lace and freehand Silk Ribbon Embroidery can still apply).
1 Small Piece of Pellon. 5 x 18 cms.
1 Small Piece of Stiffening such as Buckram (Not adhesive) to give the bracelet shape.
4.5 x 16 cms ( Allowing for the side hem without bulk - cut later to shape.)
Silk Ribbon 7 mm. ( for this example approximately 3 metres)
Small Pearls - Centre and Small 11/0 Gold Seed Beads.
Toggle Set or Bracelet Clasps for closure.
Sewing Thread, Beading Thread.Chenille, Beading,
 Embroidery Needles.

Tack the Lace into position, I usually use a different colour thread, much easier to see and pull out later.
Once you have completed the Embroidery, this should hold the lace in position. 
I then proceeded to overlock the four sides as I know from experience how quickly dupioni can fray.

On wrong side with loose tacking stitches position and
stitch the pellon into position.
This is a good base to stitch down the ribbons ends.

Place the Fabric into an Embroidery Hoop and with 7 mm Ribbon I have worked Ribbon Stitch petals into the lace.
( Naturally you can adapt the embroidery to suit the lace underlay.)

(My example is with beautifully soft variances from Rose Pink to Light Olive.
Should you wish to use a solid colour you would have a bold display of colour and would need to add a 2nd or 3 get the same effect. This is were the variances in hand dyed ribbon is such an excellent option. 

The flowers are embroidered in Ribbon Stitch, a quite simple stitch for beginners, for the Tutorial Link
 Ribbon Stitch or find it at the site bar as a stitch tutorial.

Once the Embroidery is completed, I have added a small pearl, surrounded by gold seed beads with
 Beading Thread and the Beading Needle.

P.S. I went a little too far with the embroidery, by not allowing an area at each end to do the machine stitching. Made it a little more difficult. 
Close over at both ends by folding the bare silk
back across the front as a double layer and machine stitch
just the ends. Turn back out to right sides. Press.

  I did iron over a 10 mm fold and that needs to 
be closest to the embroidery, so that once it is turned back out this will become the  seam to stitch the bracelet closed.

Machine stitch the ends on the wrong side. Turn right side out, press.
Before closing off the back, I used a heavy embroidery thread to
add the toggles and extended them 5 mm ( need the length to thread the toggle through).

If adding a bracelet clamp close off the whole bracelet before  pushing on the clamp.
I didn't have one at the time so I improvised, with the toggle set. 

Carol Daisy


  1. Sweet! Thanks for the tutorial I just might try it!

  2. Thanks Shirley, any photos you would like to share send them over to my facebook