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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Free Design Spring Bulbs

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Project

Pincushions – Forever Spring

( A beautiful Sewing Accessory for yourself  a Special Friend or Relative
Or you could use the design as a border by just continuing the pattern.)

I have given the pattern instructions for the layout I have used, but you are
free to change the placement of the flowers as you wish. Also once you have
mastered the procedure for these gorgeous spring bulbs, they can be used in many
other embroidery projects.

Stitches Used: Stem Stitch, French Knots, Ribbon Stitch, Detached Chain,
Folded Ribbon Stitch and  Twisted Ribbon Stitch.

Materials: Equipment
– 100 mm ( 4 “ ) Embroidery Hoop and 15 cm.
Chenille and  Crewel Needles 
Dupion Silk and  Panne Velvet, braid, plastic insert and  backing fabric.
Ribbons: Assortment of 4 mm. and 7 mm. Ribbons for Flowers, Leaves and
Stems( as illustrated ). Discussed in detail in the Instructions.

Threads: Green Thread for Snowdrops.

Instructions: Pre-wash all Ribbons, dry and Iron on a Silk Low Setting. Meanwhile
transfer the design if you wish to follow the illustration onto the Green Silk. Should
you wish to change the Format do one flower at a time. Once you have the design
transferred, tack onto the back a piece of lightweight wadding or Pellon. The area
to be embroidered on is 30 cm. Long and 5 cm. High. Do not cut the fabric
prior, it can be marked with the water erasable pen or use white chalk. You will
need the extra fabric to allow you to insert the material in the Hoops.

I have had to cut the pattern into two to illustrate.  

Left Side

Width 16 cms    Depth 4.5 cms

Right Side

Width 13 cms   Depth 4.5 cms

IRIS: Colour 1 – With Darker Ribbon Colour make a Detached Chain for the
Lower Petal.
Colour 2. Make 3 Ribbon Stitches for upper petals. Then from under
these a loose Ribbon Stitch down from each side. These can have their
shape altered a little by twisting the ribbon at times.
Colour 3. Yellow Ribbon do a small Ribbon Stitch in the Lower Petal
coming up from the Centre and taking it down into the Lower Petal.

Buds: Lighter colour ribbon 1 Detached Chain facing up. Then change
to Darker Ribbon and stitch 2 Ribbon Stitches over this crossing at the

Stems: Twist the darker green 4 mm. Ribbon from the entry point and
bring it up to the base of the flower to make stems. Some of these may
have to be weaved in and out of the fabric, depending on the positioning
of the other flowers and leaves.
Leaves: Make a combination of Ribbon Stitches, Straight, Twisted or
Folded at the base of the bulb.

Refer:  Iris Tutorial

JONQUILS: With 4 mm. Lighter Green Ribbon Twist the ribbon slightly and make
a few stems for the flowers. The flowers are very small Ribbon Stitches
5 Petals in each, make some of them loose to improve the effect. ( This
simply means when you place the Needle through the ribbon have a slight
rise in it, but place the needle the position needed. ) Thread the Yellow
Ribbon and stitch small French Knots in the Centre. Position some of the
Jonquils over the stems at places to make it more realistic.

Leaves: Are Long Straight Ribbon Stitches placed from the Base.

Refer: Tutorial Jonquil 
TULIPS: For two tone tulips. Work 3 Ribbon Stitches in the lighter colour first.
Then 2 – 3 Ribbon Stitches over this in the darker colour, taking the
needle up from the same place and crossing the stitches over at some
point. Some of the Top Petals can have a Twisted Ribbon Stitch to look
like they are just opening up, and leave the base stitches showing in some

Leaves and  Stems : Worked the same way as the Irises.

Refer: Tutorial Tulips.

SNOWDROPS: Using 1 strand of the Green Thread, Stem Stitch the stems of the flowers.
The Petals are 3 Ribbon Stitches facing downward, overlapping
slightly in a fan shape. Again using one thread of the Green Thread
place 3 French Knots as illustrated in the end of the Petals, and stitch
a small calyx at the top.

Leaves: Are worked much the same as the Jonquils, using the Blue
Green 4 mm ribbon.

Refer: Tutorial Snowdrops

Using matching Sewing Thread hand stitch the braid to the material. Trim the fabric
back now to 35 cm. length x 12 cm. deep . Place the backing fabric behind the
pellon to protect your stitches while making up and stitch on.. Machine stitch the fabric,
wrong sides facing, leaving a gap at each end of 5 cm at least. Turn tube back to right sides
facing outside. Pin the two ends together and stitch only half of the way. (Embroidery
side to form a circle). Insert plastic piece crossing over the ends. Close over with small
slip stitches.

Make up pillow, leaving a gap for wadding, fill and close with slip stitch. Place inside
the Embroidered Ring.

Carol Daisy

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