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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rose Loveheart Blanket

Could also be embroidered with Two Hearts intertwined.

Stitches Used: Stem Stitch, Spider Web Rose,
Detached Chain, Ribbon Stitch, Running
Stitch / Colonial Knot Combination., Y Stitch.

Prewash the ribbons, then when dry, iron on a
silk setting before starting.
To transfer the design onto fleece, I suggest using  netting
or light organza and a pencil. Trace the design on this from the pattern, then with a dressmakers chalk or water erasable pen  transfer it to the fleece. You may find though that the pen, is a
 little more difficult to remove from the fleece.

Firstly using  Embroidery Cotton Thread ( 2 strands )
 stem stitch the outline of the heart. 
( Or for a more raised frame, wrapped chain )
Cut a piece of wadding the size of the blanket, and tack it 
to the fleece. Take matching cotton thread and make a spoke 
for the spider web rose, one at a time and embroider.
So as not to get the ribbon tangled in the other threads.

Spider Web Roses:
After making the spoke, do not cut thread, leave it at the back of your work. Thread ribbon 25 cm in length onto Chenille Needle supplied.
Bring it up to the centre of one of the spokes, leaving a short tail
at the back of the fabric. Stitch down with thread.
Twist the ribbon and thread through the spokes. When completed bring needle to back of fabric, carefully take ribbon through wadding and stitch down. Should you have enough ribbon on the needle, you can take the needle over to a position to do a bud. ( At
least 10 cm. Ribbon left on the needle to do this. )

Complete all Spider Web Roses in this way.

Stem Stitch in Green thread, the stems of the Leaves. Place fabric now in Embroidery Hoop. All the other stitching can be done with fabric in the hoop.

Detached Chain Buds: This stitch is the same as Lazy Daisy in Thread. Cut Ribbon no longer than 25 cm. and make the buds in each group. With green thread make small straight stitches at the tips and Y stitch around the bud and add a stem.

Ribbon Stitch Leaves: With green ribbon make all the leaves, be careful not to pull the ribbon after each one, best if you keep your finger on the last completed stitch while you are making your next.

Running Stitch / Colonial Knot Combination: Follow the instructions given, wrapping the ribbon around the needle,
hold that firm and make small running stitches down to the base
of the ribbon. Pull through as in colonial knots, taking it slowly
and let the ribbon run through under your finger, so it doesn't curl and knot. Pull gently and keep an eye on it, you will see the centre form as you do so. ( Should you have problems with this, use a large French Knot in the ribbon )

Final Step is to make the bead flowers. Stitch the centre coloured bead down first and then string the others on to the thread and
stitch into a circle. Add stitches between to keep flat.

Make up Blanket with backing and trim as you wish. Ribbon Embroidery can be hand-washed in a soft washing detergent. Should the ribbon droop slightly, hold a STEAM IRON
above it and the steam should lift it slightly. Do Not press the ribbon once you have stitched it in.

This can be any size you wish, copy and
enlarge to whatever size you desire.

For further assistance go to the stitch tutorials.
Running Stitch / Colonial Knot is worked the
same way as Running Stitch / French Knot.
Colonial Knot is contructed in a figure 8 
and will give a higher centre to the flower.

Carol Daisy


  1. Hello Carol...
    What a beautiful project... your roses are so lovely and neatly embroidered, Its very very beautiful... Love the colour and pattern as well and yes you are very right that Hearts can be intertwined, and I am sure it will look more beautiful...I save it and may be try to do something... Lovely
    Wish you a very Happy New Year
    I would love if you come to visit me at

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I wish I'd seen it last night. I pieced a Valentine CQ block for my foyer and began embellishing already. This would have really been special!

  3. Hola querida,

    He pasado para desearte un feliz 2011!!!!


  4. its just superb,gorgeous,may be i will try with 2 hearts interlaced.its making my heart also go on rolling ,wow.regards nilima.

  5. Gorgeus hearth .A happy new year !

  6. Te envió mis mejores deseos de dicha y prosperidad para el 2011, desde México.