The last week I have been staying inside, wind has been blowing outside, hopefully the end of winter.  Spring here where I live is very short, such a pity but summer heat will arrive with a burst.

I just adore the 


and Sunsets here

at the beach. 

I have had an obsession with Snippets lately, almost OCD. It's just when you get out all the supplies, Laces, Fabrics, Embellishments and start to play with positioning and colour it is very difficult to stop at one. It can be a way of  adding stitches, sequins, ribbon embroidery, buttons, beading, and laces of course.

Many of us have a stash hidden away, of all the odds and ends that are just not enough of to make up a full project but with snippets strips, clusters etc. they can all add up to something beautiful. It is not necessary to be into Journaling to make use of the strips, I will be adding posts at a later date to give some ideas of other purposes. 

For the time being here is this weeks eye candy. 

VINTAGE ANGELS - Ivory  / Blues



Maybe I have inspired you to rustle up some supplies from your stash, and begin your own. All you need to start is a soft cotton base and small pieces of fabric.
For those who have already discovered snippets, am sure you acknowledge I dilemma, really the days are just not long enough. 

Till the next post, enjoy your stitching time and if you would like to see more these are my Social Media Pages. 



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