Lavender in Silk Ribbon

Silk Ribbon Tutorial - Lavender

Lavender a flower quite often worked in Silk Ribbon Embroidery
on Perfume Sachets, Pillows, gifts bags etc.
It is an easy flower to replicate in SRE and can be created in a
few different ways.  You may have seen a much simpler design
with the flower petals fanning out as a leaf.
However, I prefer to put a little more effort into the
design myself. So this is my impression of Lavender.

Step 1: Mark out a simple design as below, these
are then worked in Stem Stitch with 2 strands of
 embroidery thread.

Step 2:  The flower heads are created in this instance with
4 mm. Cascade House Silken Ribbon 5300

Ribbon Stitch beginning at the tip of the stalk and working
 backwards up the stem.  Have the hoop with the flower tip closest to you.

Step 3:  Each Ribbon Stitch is made at a slight angle, loose
and full ( not flat on the fabric ) .
 This is achieved by making a larger petal than required
 and then pushing it back to give a slight rise in the ribbon

The Petals can be coming from each side of the
Stem Stitch Branch, but in this example I have
taken some across the stitching and then
the alternate stitch is tucked in under it.
I feel this makes it appear more dimensional
and hides some of the stem.
after all you would not see all the stem in the real flower.
I prefer to alternate the stitches rather than working
down one side and then the other.

Step 4:   Embroider all the flower heads, keeping them
as uniform in size as possible.

Step 5:  Add Ribbon Stitch Leaves as shown.
in 4 mm. Cascade House Silken Ribbon 7560

Step 6:  An option is to add a Bud with Ribbon Stitches overlapping
and a few green leaves at the base.


Step 7:  Add a co-ordinating ribbon to tie off in a bow,
Place the ribbon through the eye of the needle only
Take it through the one side of the stems and back out.
Make a sweet little bow. 

See also Spanish Lavender Tutorial.
Thank you all for your continuing support, it has been sometime
since I have been able to do a Tutorial Posting hope
you all enjoy this one.

Carol Daisy


  1. Hi Carol...
    I checked so continiously your blog for any new post... atlast my patience ends with a fruitful project... simply lovely... after a long time you make me heartly happy Carol... its so lovely ...

  2. This is a lovely design Carol-Thank you.

  3. thx! the project is beautiful, your tutorial teriffic ; ) thx for sharing

  4. I love this!! Thank you for another great tutorial!

  5. A great explanation...I will try your way for the lavendar...I like it better than what I had been taught.

  6. PS I'm 95% housebound, so doomed to picking colours from the computer monitor. It so helps to be given them! :-)

  7. That is really lovely! :)

    I found your blog through Farah from Craft a World.

  8. So very pretty. I just found your blog and admire your beautiful creations so much. Hope you have a wonderful week. Visiting from Georgia, USA.

  9. Brawo ! thank you very much.

  10. Hi,

    I noticed something really attractive on this tutorial and the other one about lavender. There seems to be a light purple shading on your fabric in an oval shape. Do you paint or dye your own fabric or is that something you added in Photoshop to the image? Thank you for posting these tutorials. I will bookmark this site and check back for your response. :)

    1. At times I use a water erasable pen to give me a
      guide of the outline of the flower. For me this helps as free hand embroidery stitches can sometimes
      get a little out of shape. Also is just a sketch
      and interpretation, it washes out with just a dab of
      water on a cotton bud. Ta and best wishes Carol Daisy.


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