Sunflowers in Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Hi  Everyone, 
Sorry it has been so long.  You know what it is like, 
not enough hours in the day.
You have your day planned out and 
then *** bingo, it takes a whole new direction. 
These days most of my time seems to be taken
up with administration and not so much time
actually doing SRE.  It is so peaceful to just
spend the time working with Silk Ribbons,
sometimes I even get withdrawal symptoms.

I took some photos of these brilliant
Sunflowers while in Brisbane
earlier this year.
So large bright and cheery, even
with showers threatening

The Silk Ribbon I am using is a 
hand dyed
Dinky Dyes 4 mm. Wattle.
Available from 
Daisys Garden Online.
One flower took less
than 1 metre.

There are many varieties of Sunflowers with a varying
number of petals, but for this exercise I am creating 
24 Petals.
So logically you need to average 6 petals in each quarter, slightly crossing over into the next.

Step 1:  On Main Fabric -
Mark out a circle for the 
Full Version with a diameter of  
3.5 cms.  ( 1 1/4 inches )
and an inner circle of  1.5 cms.
(1/2 inch ).
Button: As per the Cosmos 
Tutorial make the centre of the 
Sunflower, by working  it 
separately on a piece
of calico or cotton.
(Placed firmly in a Hoop )
marking the area the same 
size 1.5 cms. ( 1/2 inch).

Step 2: Using Embroidery Thread,
fill the calico button with
French Knots. 
Inner area: 
Firm French Knots :- 2 wraps
2 strands Green 
1  Strand Mustard Yellow.
Outer area:  
Loose Knots :- 3 wraps
2 strands Brown
1 strand Mustard Yellow.
Cut around as shown.

Step 3:  With double Sewing Thread
make small tacking stitches approx.
5 mm. from the Knots and gather 
the calico neatly underneath, tie
off securely, so it does not loosen.
Leave cotton and  embroidery
threads attached.  Put aside.

Step 4:  Main Fabric.
Proceed with Ribbon Stitches
starting at the inner marked circle,
and ending with  the needle
through just outside  the outer circle.
Not every petal has to be perfect, make 
some folded or twisted, for a more 
realistic flower head.


Step 5: With all the Petals 
completed it may not look 
effective, but it will
once you have added the 
premade button.

Place it in the centre stitching down 
firmly with the sewing thread.

Add  tacking stitches with the
matching embroidery threads around
the outside, so that the calico does
not show through.

Step 6:
 Leaves added in 13 mm. Bottle Green Silk Ribbon
 appearing  from between the flower petals.

For instructions on Folded Ribbon Stitch you may refer to the tutorial on the Iris

Side Ribbon Stitch Tulip Tutorial

Another option for Sunflower is to create

the Ribbon Stitches as shown and add
Seed Beads for the Centre.
Silk Ribbon Embroidery is always enhanced with
the addition of Stitches in thread.
Adding stems, leaves, background detail, 
french knots centres to name a few.

You will notice a new link at the top right 
of the screen, Stitch Dictionary, with the
compliments of Sharon from Pin Tangle an
accomplished embroiderer and online teacher
with a vast knowledge of textiles.
Should you be in need of stitch instructions
or looking for a new decorative stitch for a
project by all means have a look at this site. 

The beach at sunset overlooking Great Keppel
Island, where I am living at the moment.
I missed a great photo opportunity this morning,
two dolphins playing near the shore and have 
vowed to take the camera with me in 


Carol Daisy


  1. Hi, thanks for the tute :)
    I've made sun flower before, but never made the inner part like you did, gotta try it soon :)

  2. I love your sunflower! I'm going to have to try one!

  3. Wow i really like this sunflower and just might have ago myself! Wish i had seen your Iris Tutorial as was making one and not as good as your...never mind x

  4. This is lovely; I can't wait to try one. Thanks so much!

  5. This is an interesting article. I never try to make like that before. Like it. Wish I had read this sooner. Thanks for sharing.


  6. What a cute flower is that? I like it. Thanks for sharing this one but can you add more information about this. Just quite interested. keep posting!


  7. tks for your blog, your embroidery is wonderfull, tks a lot i begin to use silk ribbon and it a passion
    after, patchwork, embroidery classic, now with ribbon, all my best wish from south west of France....
    next week you will can see in my blog my differents works
    see you next week sorry for my bad english but i have no opportuny to practice since...25 years


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