Tutorial- Carnations in Silk Ribbon Embroidery

These are some interesting facts that I have just discovered about Carnations.

It is the January Birth Flower
Stands for Fascination and Woman's Love
Is a member of the Dianthus Family
from the Greek Words
Dios - God Zeus and anthus - Flower
( The flower of God )
If you are considering an embroidery
project for someone special, you may
like to consider these for choosing a Carnation

Pink Carnation - Mother's Love
Light Red Carnation - Admiration
Dark Red - Deep Love and Woman' Affection
White - Pure Love and Good Luck
( No wonder they are a prominent flower for
Weddings )

I am working this in Cascade House Bias Silk Ribbon 10 mm.

For the 1 Flower as shown  you will require approximately:
               .5 Metre 10 mm. Bias
               .5 Metre of 4 mm. Green Ribbon
               .5 Metre of Green Embroidery Thread.

Step 1:  Using an erasable pen mark out the stem of the flower.
With 2 strands of Emb.Thread stitch this in Chain Stitch.


Step 2:  Wrap the Chain with 2 strands of the same thread.
This gives a more raised stem for the carnation.
( Whipped Chain Stitch )

( In this instance the flower is formed by stitching from the 
outside of the circle and finished off in the centre.)

Step 3:  Mark a circle for the flower head. I have allowed
2.5 cms. diameter. Bring the ribbon up through just  inside
the outer edge of the circle.
( So the entry point of the ribbon
will be covered by the next row of gathering )
With matching sewing  thread run small gathering stitches
2 cms long along the base of the ribbon, pull in to form
a petal and stitch down to the fabric with a few small
tacking stitches.


Step 4:  Continue with the gathered petals for 2 layers.
As you get to the centre, take the gathering through the
centre of the ribbon, not the base.   This will make
the petals smaller and tighter for the centre of the flower.


Step 5:  The Buds are made the same way with
small gathering stitches.  I have 3 lots of
gathering, but have placed it one on top of the
other.  (covering a  smaller  area but giving more height. )


Step 6:  Three small ribbon stitches are placed with  the
green ribbon at the base of the bud, and a Detached
Chain Stitch for the new bud.  Leaves are Ribbon


It is possible to do this flower in 7 mm. or 13 mm Ribbon,
just alter the size of the circle to suit.
I have also made these with organza ribbon, or an organza
and silk ribbon combination.  ( eg. 13 mm Organza with the
7 mm. Silk Ribbon  - tacked together first at the base. )
Such as in the photo below.

Have a nice day.
Carol Daisy


  1. Hello Carol,
    the flower looks so natural. I loved it..thanks for the tutorial..

  2. Magic with needle and thread....Ribbon.Beautiful.The work is so neat!

  3. Truly lovely and an inspiration for me when I do my crazy quilt.Thanks for sharing.

  4. c'est trés intéressant je d'ébute dans la broderie au ruban

  5. Awesome, looks so easy.....If only


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