Folded Rose / Gathered Combination

Folded Rose/Gathered Combination

Should you wish to create as above, first
stem stitch the stem of the rose.

Step 1: Referring  to the Tutorial for Folded Ribbon Rose
Create in 7 or 13 mm. Silk Ribbon a small Folded Ribbon
Rose for the centre.
Put aside keeping the threaded needle attached.

Step 2:  With water erasable pen, mark a small circle.
Thread a 20 cm length of the ribbon into
the eye of the needle.  ( No need to thread completely
as this is only to draw the ribbon through the fabric).

Step 3:  As in the Carnation Tutorial gather the
ribbon into petals, stitching each down.
Follow the outside of the circle marked
and you have the option of two rows
of gathering as I have done or just one. 

Step 4: Re-thread the ribbon in the Chenille Needle.
Take the ribbon through to the back. At the
same time the last gathered petal is stitched into place.
With a wet cotton bud, wash out the pen line. Allow to dry.

Step 5:  Make a whole in the centre of the gathered ribbon.

Step 6:  Take the threaded needle through first.
Push the tails of the folded rose through to the
back, gently pull into position.
Stitch down with the thread at the back of your fabric.

Step 7:  With 7 mm. Green Ribbon add
Ribbon Stitch Leaves.

Rosebud in a future Tutorial.

As part of the class sampler the embroidered
rose at the top of the Tutorial has been scrunched,
packed and  examined for 3 years and I feel still
looks presentable.

Carol Daisy


  1. Oh Carol, this is so beautiful!!! I just found your blog via Pat Winter's and will definitely be back to visit. Marva

  2. Love your blog, thanks a lot for the superb instructions !

  3. This is soo beautiful. .. thank you

  4. I am just beginning to learn silk ribbon embroidery. The problem is finding silk ribbon. Where do you find it?

      my website
      Carol Daisy


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