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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Silk Embroidered Bracelet

Ever wonder what to do with those small pieces of Dupioni in your stash. How about making an Embroidered Bracelet.

Scrap of Silk Dupioni  9 x 18 cms. Red in this example.
Pellon 4 cms x 18 cms. 
Red Sequin Braid,Organza Red Ribbon 20 mm. wide 
Selection of Pressed Glass Leaves, Pearls, Seed Beads in Gold or Bronze.
Silk Ribbon 7 mm Red 1 Metre.
Large Pearl and Bead Cap in Gold ( Centre of Gathered Organza Flower)
Thread - Clear beading thread or a matching colour.

Place the Pellon on the back of fabric, allowing .5 cm for a seam allowance on both sides, press down with iron on silk setting then lightly tack pellon into position.
( Usually best to overlock the edges of Dupioni as they
do fray badly while you are embroidering)
This will be folded in half and the seams stitched together after completing embroidery.

Pin the braid and organza ribbon into a position of your liking. I have gathered the organza and slightly plaited 
them together. With matching thread stitch down to dupioni, this may also include using some of the
 gold seed beads.

Add the Glass Leaves with a few tucked under the braid.

Make up 4 Five Petal Flowers as per the tutorial, add a small pearl for the centre, stitch down to the fabric. 

The larger organza is a gathered flower refer the Gathered/ Folded Carnation Tutorial without the folded rose centre.  Place a bead cap and larger pearl in the centre and stitch

Clasp and Toggle are placed on the ends with a double layer of Silk Ribbon threaded through the eye.  Fold bracelet
in half , allowing a .5 cm fold to close the bracelet together. Stitch the ends with the Silk Ribbon, Toggle 
and Clasp in position.  Hand stitch the opening together.

This is No. 1 of Bracelet projects I have on
the go, will post as I have others done. 

Carol Daisy

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