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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Embellishing your silk ribbon embroideries



Basic Crazy Quilt Block before embellishing.

Dimension and Pizazz

Stepping up to the next level in SRE.

Once you have mastered the technique of  SRE stitches and shaping these into flowers,  leaves, insects, etc. now it is time to take a step up.

Layering, textures, variances of colour, reflections, highlights all add a different effect and give dimension to your work.

Get together an assortment of beads, sequins, metallic threads ( eg. Kreinik) glass and lucite flowers and leaves and see how it will change the effect of your work.  Keep in mind Clear Beading 
Thread as an option for stitching down laces, braid etc.  No need to change your thread constantly to match the item, it blends in well.
( Obviously this will not work for a basic dark colour such as black, but with variances in shades will disguise well.)

Crazy Patch Seam Embellishment is one example of this with the use of various stitches, Beads and Sequins.

Adding these type of elements can give your embroidery a more whimsical effect or increase the sequins and beading and instantly it becomes more glamourous.

 Let's admit it ladies we can all do with some BLING!!!!!

Embellishment Packs are available from CarolDaisyCrafts Etsy Store.

Carol Daisy

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