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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Free Design Gerbera's


                                                        Gerberba Gift Bag

( I have chosen to embroider this design onto a silk bag but you may choose to use it
in other ways. For eg. to decorate the lid of a jewellery box, a pocket or a small pillow.)

Stitches Used: Whipped Chain, Ribbon Stitch and  French Knots.
Ribbon: 7 mm Silk Ribbon x 2 Metres ( Hand Dyed will give a variance of colours through
the flower as you work. Any colour you would like Red, Oranges, Pinks etc.
              7 mm Silk Ribbon Green for leaves  .7 mt. 
Threads: .5 Mt. of 2 Different tones of Green embroidery cotton.
                .5 Mt. Metallic to highlight French Knot Centres.
Seed Beads - gold for Centres.  Butterfly charm.
Piece of Fabric 20 cm x 60 cm. Finished size: 17 cms  x 25 cms.

Instructions: Pre-wash the ribbons, then iron when dry on a silk setting before you begin.
Fold the piece of fabric in half and position the transfer as illustrated centred and 6cm
from the base fold. At this point I find it is easier to roll up the material which will be
the back of the bag and pin this down, so as not to get it caught up while you are working.
Transfer the design onto material with water erasable pen. This can be done using
a light box or by taping the design up to a well lit window and holding the fabric over it.
Tack a piece of wadding onto the back of the design, this is needed to stitch your ribbon
down and helps with your embroidery in general. It is best that you get into a routine of
stitching down the ribbons at the start and finish immediately, if not, it is easy to snag while
you are working and all your good work can be wasted.

Stems: Using 2 strands of green thread work the stems in Chain Stitch and using lighter
green, 2 strands whip the chain.

Gerberas: With 7 mm Ribbon work the first row of Ribbon Stitch using the inner
and outer circles as your guide, leave a distance of just under one petal size between them.
Second Layer, position these Ribbon Stitches over this gap, working clockwise around the
Centres: Fill the centre with French Knots embroidered with 1 thread of Lighter Green and
1 thread of Gold, combined ( give it a few twists to keep them together). Should you have
trouble threading the two together, make a loop from sewing thread or use a needle
threader to bring them through the needle eye. Next step is to stitch the gold beads around
the french knots, you may have to take some over the ribbon stitches which is fine.

Leaves: Work long Ribbon Stitch leaves in the Green 7mm. Ribbon.

Finally sew on the Butterfly Beads.

 Design is 10 cms Width  x 9 cms. Deep
  Gerberas a radius 1 cm.

Make up your bag rounding off the bottom corners as you do this. Fold over 1 cm seam
and press, then fold over a 4 cm seam press again and then stitch. If you wish you could
make the bag with a contrasting or matching lining.

Fill bag with gift of choice and tie with wide organza ribbon to embellish. 

 Refer to these Postings for Assistance:   Working with Hand dyed Ribbons
                                                                  Tutorial on Ribbon Stitch.

      Carol Daisy

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