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Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Additions to Free Designs

 Silk Ribbon Embroidery Projects

 Here are a few simple SRE Designs you may

wish to use in the future.

At the moment I do not have the equipment needed to
create an illustrated  pattern.
But I am sure you can get the idea from these photos. 

They were all worked within a 10 c x 10 cm. square.

Spider Web Roses ( Using Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon
to give the variance in colour. ( Dinky Dyes Sweet Pea
and Strawberry Ice would be perfect for this )

Ribbon Stitch Leaves
Detached Chain Buds , French Knots,
Y Stitch.  In Pinks, Cream, Olive and
Sage Green.

Loop Flower / pearl centre ( 7 mm. Silk Ribbon Mauve )
Ribbon Stitch Leaves,
Chain Stitch Frame, Lavender in French Knots with Stem
Stitch Spine.
Ribbon Stitch Daisy, Ribbon Stitch Bee. Straight Stitches
for the stripes, legs and French knot for the eye.
Antenna in Pistil Stitch.
French Knots in Embroidery Cotton for Daisy Centre.

Stem Stitch Branch, Ribbon Stitch  Leaves in Sage Green,
Running Stitch / French Knot Comb. Flowers.
Ribbon Stitch Butterflies.  Metallic Thread French
Knots fcr the markings, Body  is straight stitch
and pistil stitch.

Carol Daisy


  1. amazing!!!!!!!!!!thank you so much for sharing this

  2. Thank you Carol for such gorgeous ideas and pictures. Your SRE is stunning. Thank you again!!

    Ann Flowers

  3. Wonderful!!!! Thank you for showing your beautiful works of art.