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Friday, May 21, 2010

Cosmos in Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Cosmos Flowers are stitched using
Dinky Dyes Argyle  7 mm. Silk Ribbon

I must apologise for the delay in getting this tutorial

online.  My left index finger had a slight mishap with
a sharp knive, thus removing a piece of skin.
Needless to say you probably all have tried to work
with a sore finger and bandaid, but for me does not
give the best results. 

Sunflowers and Cosmos are two flowers which come to
mind for this effect.  When you are replicating a flower with a raised centre, in the case of  Cosmos, Dahlias, Daisies etc. the pistils in the centre of the flower are quite prominent.

Firstly, decide on the size of the full flower, sketch it onto the fabric. Leaving an inner circle.
To create these pistils the easiest I find is to use a small square of calico, placed very firmly and taut in an embroidery hoop.
With a pencil make a circle the size that you wish for the centre
of the flower, allowing a little extra to cover where the ribbon
petals have begun.

You now have 2 Options:

1.  French Knots in Embroidery Thread.

2.  Small seed beads.

1.   Mark a circle the required size on calico.

2.  Fill this area with French Knots, using Embroidery Thread.  In this eg. 2 strands
of thread and 3 wraps of the needle for each one.
With 7 mm. Ribbon construct the Flower Petals in Ribbon Stitch. Work clockwise
overlapping each one.  In the case of the Cosmos Flower keep the tip as rounded as possible Whereas if it was a 
Daisy or Sunflower they would be finer and more pointed.

3.  Mark another circle outside of this to give you a gathering line.
Thread a needle with a double sewing cotton to match the yellow.
You may wish to cut the calico into a smaller piece at this point, so as it will not be too bulky when set down in the flower .

Gather the calico up with the thread and sew
down the fabric as flat as possible. ( As you
would when covering a button. )
4.  With this needle still attached, take it
through the centre of your ribbon petals
and stitch it  down firmly.
Should you feel there are some empty

spaces, add a few more French Knots in the Yellow Embroidery Thread.

5.  Next step if you wish to show the stems, add this with twisted 4 mm.couched down in places to stop it 

The buds are Ribbon Stitch in 4 mm. Yellow
with  Green 4 mm. Calyx.
The leaves I have stitched using 4 mm. Green
in Ribbon Stitch, by completing it the same
way as you would with a Satin Stitch Leaf.
( They could also be a simple Ribbon Stitch
or made from Embroidery Thread. )

I shall be away next week for a holiday
staying with friends in Alice Springs the Red Centre
of Australia.  Hopefully I will be able to show
you many photos of the wildflowers following
the heavy rains they have received.

Happy Stitching till next time.

Carol Daisy


  1. This is really nice. I do love cosmos. My grandmother had them always in her garden. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. Hello, it cheers knowledge to me that already these better of your cutting, ten well-taken care of in everything what you do, also pass those accidents to me and I on the inside feel like more evil than in the wound. But intention….

  3. My father grew cosmos and I always loved them. You have such a wide variety of flowers you have interpreted Carol. Lucky Duck going to the the Centre...will look forward to what you come up with, with the wildflowers.

    Thank you for all your lovely tutorials.

  4. Thank you for this tutorial Carol. I love how it makes the centres stand out and must try it out one day.

  5. Thank you for such beautiful tutorials, Carol!
    And enjoy your holiday

  6. bonjour
    tes broderies sont superbes

  7. Oh how cool! Carol your embroidery is amazing!!! Marva

  8. Thank you for all the free instruction, and patterns. I love your embroidery work, and your garden.

  9. Stunning..!!! it made me stop and to look into it deeply, its so wonderful i wana appreciate you from the bottom of my feelings, fantastic keep it up.

  10. You have beautiful blog,very,very nice!More inspiration!Michaela