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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Silk Ribbon Embroidery - Crazy Patch / Quilting

Silk Ribbon Embroidery can be applied to many styles of Craft,
one of which
is Crazy Patchwork.

Embellishing your Crazy Patch with SRE, adds another dimension
to your projects,
and gives such a wide variety of adornments.

Having a problem finding a trim, braid or a feature. Create your own.

Ribbons come in so many colours, widths and blends, that you are simply
able to create a flower or seam embellishment to fit your project.

Judith Baker Montano is a prominent embroiderer in this area, and has
shown in her work and publications, how beautiful it can be as an

I have only been into Crazy Patch for a short time.
May I say not because of the lack of interest, but for the shortage of
time at this stage. So I am just showing you a piece I have stitched
as a display to visitors at my stalls. At this stage I am not too sure what it will become in the future. I shall have to wait for the inspiration to flow.
The main reason that I have developed this blog is to encourage
a resurgence in Embroidery and I feel that Silk Ribbon is an excellent
way for the beginner to learn, owing to its fast application.

After all, aren't we all in the same situation of finding enough time for our
hobbies and crafts in this busy, hectic lifestyle we lead. So for so little
time spent, you can get such gorgeous results.

Carol Daisy

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  1. Embroidery in the silk is Really Very Graceful....Because silk heaving its own shine which attracts and when the embroidery is done in this type of clothes it gives unique and really lovely feeling...........