Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial - Small Iris

As I mentioned in the earlier lesson
on the Bearded Iris, this is a more
petite version of an Iris in 4 mm. ribbon.

Step 1: Make a loose detached chain for the lower petal.

Step 2: If you wish change over to another colour or use the same one.
Make Two Ribbon Stitches to the side as above, leaving a area in the middle.

Step 3: Take three Ribbon Stitches upwards,
using the open area in the centre.
This will cover where the side stitches have begun.

Step 4: Thread on 4 mm Yellow Ribbon,
and make One Ribbon Stitch into the Detached Chain, Lower Petal.

Step 5: Make stems with tightly rolled 7 mm. Green
Ribbon, straight or folded Ribbon Stitch Leaves as in the
earlier lesson.

Bud: Overlap three Ribbon Stitches for the bud, and place
some small Ribbon Stitches in green around them.
( I much prefer to do the leaves and stems for the Flower
in 7 mm.and change to 4 mm. for the stem and Bud Calyx. )

This is a rather simple flower to do and if in a grouping as an Iris Bulb would be
looks great.

Carol Daisy