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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial - Small Iris

As I mentioned in the earlier lesson
on the Bearded Iris, this is a more
petite version of an Iris in 4 mm. ribbon.

Step 1: Make a loose detached chain for the lower petal.

Step 2: If you wish change over to another colour or use the same one.
Make Two Ribbon Stitches to the side as above, leaving a area in the middle.

Step 3: Take three Ribbon Stitches upwards,
using the open area in the centre.
This will cover where the side stitches have begun.

Step 4: Thread on 4 mm Yellow Ribbon,
and make One Ribbon Stitch into the Detached Chain, Lower Petal.

Step 5: Make stems with tightly rolled 7 mm. Green
Ribbon, straight or folded Ribbon Stitch Leaves as in the
earlier lesson.

Bud: Overlap three Ribbon Stitches for the bud, and place
some small Ribbon Stitches in green around them.
( I much prefer to do the leaves and stems for the Flower
in 7 mm.and change to 4 mm. for the stem and Bud Calyx. )

This is a rather simple flower to do and if in a grouping as an Iris Bulb would be
looks great.

Carol Daisy


  1. Daisy,
    your tutorials are just great and very easy to understand. thanks for taking your time for delivering these to us.
    I also have a blog dedicated to ribbon embroidery and I was sharing them in turkish at
    but recently I'm on go to translate my contents to english, it is taking to much time but worth to do it.
    I also shared some silk ribbon embroidery tutorials on my site. Sunflower, Carnation for now. more to come soon.
    Will be following your updates.. lets keep in touch :)

  2. Hi Carol
    Gorgeous blog! You should be showing off some of those divine brooches you made! Hope the buttons are doing well, you have been linked up as a "friend of Jackobindi" on my blog too. speak soon Kerrie x

  3. Hifa, Thank you for your kind words. I have had a look at your blog also. And the beautiful embroidery photos. It is a bit hard
    for me as I can only read english. When you
    change over it will be easier for us Westerners. You certainly have a varied range
    of embroidery and crafts. Carol

  4. Hi Carol, my site is currently active in english. not able to translate all posts yet but will be doing them can see it at

    I still need sometime to learn the most common craft terms. your tutorials so also help me a lot for improving my english too.
    added your site to my blogroll at