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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fuschias in Silk Ribbon Embroidery




Just love these flowers, in a hanging pot 

and dancing in the breeze.

This Tutorial shows three ways in which to embroider Fuschia Flowers, 
all created by using Ribbon Stitch in a variety of ways. 
Which only goes to show how adaptable Ribbon Stitch can be in SRE.

Single Fuschia:
2 colours of  4 mm Silk Ribbon 
( eg. Deep Pink and Purple).
Colour 1: Centre 2 Ribbon Stitches in Purple.
Colour 2:  2 larger Pink Ribbon Stitches crossing over
               at the top.
Thread:  3 Pistil Stitches coming down from the centre. 
1 Straight Stitch to shape the top.

Single Fuschia Bud.
Colour 1:  1 Ribbon Stitch Purple.
Colour 2: 2 Crossed over Ribbon Stitches Pink.

Thread: Straight Stitch at the top.

 Double Fuschia - Fan
 2 colours of  4 mm Silk Ribbon 
( eg. Pink and Pale Pink ).

 Colour 1: Pale Pink 5/6 Ribbon Stitches Side
 by Side shaping like a Fan 
Colour 2: Deeper Pink 2 short Ribbon Stitches for the tip.
4 Ribbon Stitches for Top Petals..
Colour 3:  Green Ribbon add a small Ribbon Stitch
above the Pink for an extension of the tip.
Thread: Pistil Stitches. 

Double Fuschia - Fan - Bud
Colour 1 or 2 - 2 Ribbon Sitches and add a
Green Ribbon Tip.
Thread: Straight Stitch across the tip.

 Double Fuschia - Bell
2 Colours 4 mm Silk ribbon ( eg. Cream and Pink )
Colour 1: Pink 4 Ribbon Stitches asgled like a bell.
Colour 2: 2 Ribbon Stitches for the tip,
6 long Ribbon Stitches, as illustrated an assortment of
twisted and straight stitches.
Colour 3: Green Ribbon Stitch Tip.
Thread: Pistil Stitches.

Bell Opening Bud 
Colour 1: Pink 1 Ribbon Stitch.
Colour 2" Cream 2 Ribbon Stitches leaving a slight
amount of the Pink Ribbon Stitch showing.
Colour 3: Green Ribbon Stitch Tip.

Bell- Closed Bud.
Colour 2: Cream 1 Ribbon Stitch, Green Ribbon Tip.

 This is taken from an earlier Lingerie Pouch
 I had as a Kit.
The flowers can be linked together with 
stem stitch woven  through for the branches 
and Fly Stitched leaves.

Notes for Guidance:
As the work area is so concentrated, do not skip over stitching down your ribbons, it is far too easy to catch 
other areas and pull through your previous stitches.
If you wish to replicate the full design or part of,
 you may find it easier to do all of the bases 
that are the one colour at a time.
Then progress to all the top petals and lastly the green tips.


Carol Daisy