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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Free Design Lazy Daisy


Lazy Daisy Corsage

This is a great project for a beginner
with 1 very simple stitch to complete the flowers.

(as you can see from the photo above, the flower will
take on a denser petal if you take the time to flatten out the ribbon with each stitch). 

Stitches Used: Stem Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Detached Chain Stitch.
Equipment needed:  15 cm Embroidery Hoop 
Chenille Needle -No 20
Crewel Needle – No 8

Ribbons : Variegated 3.5 - 4  mm. Ribbon for Daisy
Green 3.5 - 4  mm. Green for Lazy Daisy Leaf
Ribbon for bow 

Cottons: Green embroidery thread from stems and fern.

Transfer design onto material of choice with water erasable pen.
This can be done using a light box or placing the pattern and material 
up to a window. Allow enough material to be able to insert in the embroidery hoop. Cut a piece of wadding larger than your hoop and tack this onto the embroidery area.
This is needed to stitch the ends of ribbon down and also helps while embroidering.
It is best that you get into a routine of stitching the ribbon down at the start and
finish immediately, if not it is too easy to snag while you are working and all your
good work can be wasted.

Using only 1 strand of the green cotton embroider the stems and fern in stem stitch.
Also lazy daisy stitch for the leaves of the ferns.
It is important when cutting the ribbon do not leave the lengths any longer than 30 cm.
I prefer to cut between 22 – 25 cm. Any longer and the ribbon will fray towards the end.
With the variegated ribbon work the 3 daisy's in detached chain stitch 
( this is the name given to lazy daisy stitch in ribbon embroidery ). 
Add the beads to the centre of the flowers using the bead needle and matching thread. Also using this ribbon work the buds in detached
chain stitch.
Use green ribbon do the leaves. A Y stitch in cotton is placed under the daisy bud and then a stem stitch following through the stem. 
Finish off by taking the ribbon through from the front and back out 
again and tying in a bow.

 Full length of this 8.5 cms.  Width is 5 cms.

 This link maybe of help to you  Detached Chain.

I am sure you will see many possibilities for this Flower Corsage. 

Carol Daisy

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