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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Daisy Ring /Daisy Chain Free Design


Daisy Chain & Daisy Ring

( Daisy Chain – can be single or repeated to become a border / Daisy
Ring – may be in a circle or split into two designs.)
Stitches Used: Whipped Chain Stitch, French Knots, Ribbon Stitch,
Straight Stitch.

Materials: Equipment – 15 cm. Embroidery Hoop 
Chenille Needle & Crewel Needles 
Ribbons: Yellow & White Ribbons 4 mm.
Green Ribbon 4mm.

Threads: Green Embroidery Thread – 2 colours
Yellow, Black & Beige Embroidery Threads 
Daisy Buttons & 1 Butterfly Charm.

Instructions: Transfer the design onto material of choice with water erasable pen.
This can be done using a light box or by holding the material and pattern up to a
window. Allow enough material to be able to insert into an embroidery hoop. Cut
a piece of wadding the size of the material, and tack this onto the fabric. This is
needed to stitch the ends of the ribbon down and also helps while embroidering. It
is best that you get into a routine of stitching down the ribbon at the start and the
finish immediately, if not, it is easy to snag while you are working and all your good
work can be wasted.

Stems: Using 2 strands of green thread, work whipped chain stitch for the stems .
Ribbon Stitch in green for the leaves.

Buds: 1st. With Green Ribbon do 3 – 4 small ribbon stitches, then changing to the
ribbon for the petals, bring the needle up from where the green finished and make
small stitches, slightly curved in.

Daisies: Thread a length of petal ribbon and do the petals in a clockwise direction.
( Around the circle) Next with 1 Thread of Green & 1 Thread of Beige fill the centre
with very tight small French Knots. Repeat this for the upright Daisies and wilting

Bee: 1st with Gold Ribbon do 3 ribbon stitches one over the other. With 1 Strand of
black thread, a small stab stitch for the stinger, 3 stripes and a French Knot for the eye.
Then 4 little legs. Wings are 2 ribbon stitches in white.

Finally sew on the 4 buttons to the Daisy Chain or the Butterfly with the gold thread
Daisy Ring Sketch


Daisy Chain Sketch
Width 12 cms. Depth 3 cms. 

This link maybe of some help    Ribbon Stitch Tutorial

Daisy Ring could by added to a pincushion or a cover to a round box.
Daisy Chain Repeated could be a border on linen.

Carol Daisy

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