Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons

 This posting will probably come as a surprise 
to many as I have been absent from the blogging
world since May.
My life took a career change last June, with
my accepting a position with an Australian
Company. At first it was to be approx.
12 hours a week, and quickly changed to
almost full time work.
It is a job which I am thoroughly enjoying
as the position takes in clothing and shoes
for every possible use for the outdoors.
Hence my days have been so busy and the
nights with Daisys Garden Online, not
to mention trying to finish off my new home 
and garden.

My heart, mind and fingers have missed the
Silk Ribbon Embroidery time. which
hopefully this year I can remedy.



The thought to many of you maybe is why use
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon in your embroidery
designs after all it is a more expensive

To myself it can make such an improvement
in your flower interpretation.
Variances in shade through the petals, can
add another dimension to your stitches, giving
it life and reality.

The term  Hand Dyed Ribbons can relate to
many types but these are the main ones I use
and sell.

1:  Bias Silk Ribbon - One shade with added
color on the edge.

As illustrated in the Carnation Tutorial and
just great for folded ribbon roses.

2:  Hand Dyed with one or more solid color
with slight variances in shade through the ribbon..

Pure Silk Ribbon by Dinky Dyes

This is the type used in the Foxglove Tutorial

3:  Hand Dyed with 2 or more colors changing
through the length of the ribbon.

I have stitched this flower from the one ribbon,
separating the green and also allowing for
variances in the flower

 Spiral Dyed 7 mm. Grace

A belated Happy New Year to you all
and am so looking forward to
getting back into posting again.

Carol Daisy