Saturday, March 17, 2012

400 Followers Giveaway

Thanks to Graphic Fairy for this poster

Hello to all my followers,

We have almost reached another milestone at

Silk Ribbon Embroidery  - Caroldaisy.blogspot.

Therefore a Giveaway is certainly called for.

I have for sometime now been selling the
Fibre Goddess Cordmakers at Daisys
and personally feel they are a great tool to have in
your craft room.

For the embroiderer they can be handy in turning
your leftover threads, trims and ribbons into cords. 
You no longer have to look for matching cords to
suit your projects.
Not to forget a handmade trim can be made for
seam embellishments.

Also included in the Giveaway a
Clover Flower Frill Template Pack
Turn your  left over pieces of fabric into gorgeous flowers.
4 templates included to create 5 inch - "125 mm" 
and 6 inch  - "150 mm " flowers.
If you wish visit Create and Enhance where I have a
short tutorial on the Cordmaker.
There are a lot more uses for this tool and in the
future I shall be adding more posts.
Another use for the cordmaker is in making 
a handmade trim for seam embellishments. 

          Giveaway:  1 Fibre Goddess Cordmaker
                    A Bag of threads etc. for Experimenting
                     1 Clover Flower Maker

Conditions of Entry: 
You need to be a Follower of Silk Ribbon Embroidery.
International entries are welcome.
Competition will close the 26th. March, 2012.
Extending to 31st March. I have been a little late with my

Entry by email to 


1:   I have created SRE Bees in a tutorial, what type of
of ribbon are the wings stitched with......................

2:   In the Carnation Tutorial - which ribbon is used.


3:   Water Lily is the Birthflower for which month....... .    

Copy and paste this questionairre to your reply with the answers.

Good Luck.

Carol Daisy