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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dragonflies in SRE


Dragonflies have become thoroughly addictive to some.
Collecting them in the form of jewellery, paintings,
adorned containers or boxes, budlights to name a few.

You can't help but admire this delicate agile creature, with its
transparent wings and brightly coloured bodies.
They open up so many possibilities for the embroiderer to
imitate and add them to their craft items.
I have created these 2 dragonflies with 
Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons
and have allowed the colours to be the highlight,
along with the bright coloured beads for the body.
You may desire a more subtle appearance
in which case a softer tone Silk Ribbon could be

1st:   Gather together some seed beads, bugle beads.
Use these to create the body. I have added a
second smaller bead to the eyes.
These beads are mostly 11/0 to be in proportion
to the size of the wings and have used 7 mm. ribbon.

2nd:  Add the wings, starting with the top 2 and then
the bottom pair. Take the ribbon through under the
body keeping them even and in proportion to the
size of the body.

3rd: Add some features as desired, a few french knots
at the tips as shown or embroidery stitches to
imitate the markings. These will also help to
keep the wings fixed to the fabric as it is
such a long Ribbon Stitch.

Motifs available at Daisys Garden
Carol Daisy


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Nicola, having fun I am onto Bees and Ladybirds now. Carol Daisy

  2. Thanks for sharing Carol, they are really beautiful.

  3. I must stitch this today...I love it!

  4. I love dragon flies, they are so beautiful and looking at these here, well what can I say.....Beautiful.

  5. Would this be suitable forworking on a child's dress...or would it be too heavy. It would be beautiful.

    1. Hi Wanda, I am sure they would be OK on a childs dress, if you are concerned about the weight of the ribbon try to add it to a double fabric such as a collar, pocket or lined bodice, and put a small amount of wadding where the dragonfly will be worked
      to give it a base and to keep its shape.
      This will also be best to cover up the under area with the ends and stitching down of the ribbons etc.
      Hope this helps. Carol Daisy