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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Personalise your Gifts, by creating them in the Birth Flower, adding the Birth Colours, Stone.
Add a message about their Birth Meaning.

January - Carnation
Stone - Garnet      Colours - Red /Pink
Meaning - Affectionate, Happiness,
Devoted, Fascination
Refer Carnation tutorial for Instructions


February Birth Flower - Violet.
Stone: Amethyst   Colours: Violet, Purple
                     Meanings: Faithfulness, Purity, Modesty.

Daffodil - March Birth flower.
Gemstone - Aquamarine     Colour - Yellow
Meanings - Affection, Desire,
Respect, Devote.

April - Birth flower Daisy 
Gemstone - Diamond  Colours - Pink, Purple.
Meanings - Blissful, Innocent, Playful, Delicate.
                              Refer Ribbon Stitch Tutorial for instructions

May Birth Flower-  Lily of the Valley

Gemstone - Emerald      Colour - White
Meanings - Sweetness,  Humility, Happiness
 Refer to Snopwdrops for Instructions - longer stem

June - Birth Flower -  Rose

Pearl     Colours - White / Cream
Meaning - Happy, Love, Strong, Beautiful
 Use any of the Rose Tutorials

July - Water Lily

Birthstone Ruby   Colours - Pink, Purple
Meaning - Laughter, Levity and has an open heart.

August- Birthflower Gladioli Birthstone - Peridot 
Colours - Red, Orange, Green.
Meaning - Beauty, Love, Marriage, Family

September- Birthflower Aster

Birth Colour - Deep Blue
Birth Stone - Sapphire
Meanings - Filled with Love, Daintiness,

October-  Birth flower Calendula

Birth Stone - Opal  Colours - White, Yellow
Meanings - Love of Nature, Grace,
Joy, True Love.

November  -Chrysanthemum
Birth Stone - Citrine
Birth Colours - Red Yellow
Meanings - Friendship, Sensitivity,

Refer to the Cosmos Instructions using more petals
packed closer together.

December- Birth flower Narcissus
Birthstone -Turquoise  Colour -Indigo
Meanings - Success , Wealth.

Carol Daisy


  1. Carol what a lovely post...I want to smack myself across the back of the head and say "now why didn't you think of that"....thanks for the tip...Happy holidays.

  2. Gracias por compartir la información de las flores por mes de nacimiento. Saludos desde México.