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Friday, April 29, 2011

Spanish Lavender in Silk Ribbon

Here is another Lavender Variety,
created by using simple
Ribbon Stitches and French Knots.

For the  three flowers:
1 metre of each Cascade House
Silken Ribbon 4990 and 5300
30 cms. Green Silken Ribbon 7560
30 cms. of   7 mm Mauve

Step 1:   Mark out a simple outline for the stems and
flower body.
Chain Stitch using 3 strands DMC 647 Embroidery Thread
for the stem and then I have wrapped it with another
3 strands.
This gives it a slightly rounded and raised appearance.

Step 2:    Fill the ovals with French Knots starting with the paler
Silken Ribbon scattered randomly and then add a few more in
the deeper Lavender Colour.
I try not to pull these as tight, so they
will sit above the others to create a layer effect.

Step 3:   After completing the 3 Flower Heads add some
larger Wings at the tip with  7 mm. Mauve.
These can be varied from 1 - 3 Ribbon Stitches
some flat with others twisted to add to the appearance.

Step 4:   Lastly add long narrow leaves to the lower
ends of the stem.

As with the earlier Lavender Tutorial add this to small
gifts, just adorable as a decoration to a pouch filled
with Dried Lavender.
Great Idea for a  Mothers Day gift and more personal
as your own creation. 

Carol Daisy


  1. Your silk ribbon lavender flowers are beautiful Carol.

  2. Lovely; so glad you are posting again.

  3. Simply adorable Carol... its beauty.... very lovely

    Hope you would like to pay a visit to me at

  4. I love your silk ribbon embroidery. I have just started to learn so your blog is great. I do find the music playing on the site annoying though, especially as when I stop it, it still loads. It also re-starts everytime I go to a different page.

  5. Hi
    Your ribbon lavender flowers are beautiful. I am a regular follower of your blog and your tutorials are of great help.
    best wishes

  6. Hi, I'm Italian and love your works of silk ribbon embroidery. I really love lavender and would like to do it, could you let me know where I can buy silk floss I need to do lavender flowers?
    Hope you can help me.
    Thank you very much for all tutorials.

  7. I forget to give you my blog:

  8. Carol your silk ribbon flowers are just beautiful. I had lavender bushes growing and your flowers are perfect.