Sunday, December 19, 2010

Detached Chain Free Designs

Flower combinations in 4 mm . Silk Ribbon

These are from a discontinued Introductory Kit.
Satin -n-Cream on a Baby Quilt or for Doll Collectors.
But I am sure you will find many other uses.

 ----OOPS- ignore this

The single stem was added at each corner of the quilt.
The design above was a feature on the edge of a pillowslip.

Stitches Used: Stem Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Detached Chain & Y Stitch.

Detached Chain is the same stitch as Lazy Daisy only done
in ribbon. There are two ways to stitch these. One is with the fabric in the frame, in
which case the needle and ribbon will have to be taken through in a
horizontal position. Or option two out of the hoop freehand, if doing it this way, be
careful to not gather up the material. With a hoop it is easier to keep the material
To keep the petals flat, put a finger through the loop and make sure the
ribbon is not twisted, before pulling the needle through, this will give the petals a
flatter appearance. Complete all the daisy's, then stitch down the beads for the centre.
With 1 strand of the thread, stem stitch the stems to the buds, Y stitch around the base
of the bud and two straight stitches for the calyx. Next add some lazy daisy leaves,
in 1 strand also. ( You may place these where there is a gap in the petals and on the
stems ). 


Carol Daisy

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