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Friday, October 22, 2010

FREE SRE DESIGN - Spider Web Combinations



Silk Ribbon Embroidery Projects 

Here are some simple combinations for this simple stitch.
For further direction view the posting on Spider Web Roses


Stitches Used: Spider Web Rose, Stem Stitch, Lazy Daisy Stitch, French Knots,
Ribbon Stitch, Straight Stitch, Detached Chain Stitch.

Ribbons: Spider Web Roses – Two Tone   4 mm. Pale Pink and Pink Ribbon
Rose Leaves – Green Ribbon – 4 mm.
French Knot Flowers -- DMC Rayon Floss Lilac and Cream 
Stem and Leaf - Stem Stitch – DMC Thread Green
Straight Stitch at Rosebud Tip – DMC Thread 
( Or Threads of your choice )

The Rosebuds are worked in Detached Chain Stitch, with three small ribbon stitches in
green ribbon for the Sepals. Thread Crewel Needle with Pink Embroidery Thread and
make 2 small straight stitches at the top of the bud.

            French Knot Flowers:  2 Strands of Lilac and 3 wraps. 
            Centre:  2  Strands of Cream and 3 wraps make the centre.
            Next stem stitch the vines to make the circle ---
            Lazy Daisy leaves in Thread at each French Knot Flower.

            Do the Spider Web Rose last 
           ( this avoids getting the threaded
            needle caught on the exposed Spider Web Ribbon )


Finally complete by doing Rose Leaves in Ribbon Stitch, coming 
from under the rose.

Spider Web Rose is a very quick stitch and can be varied by changing the
combinations around it. Suitable for delicate work such as accessories for
the bride, lingerie, baby's clothes, and any item of a delicate nature.

Carol Daisy

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