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Monday, August 31, 2009

SRE - Running Stitch / French Knot Combination

Using this combination stitch
from the Mon Francais Jardin Kits

This Combination Stitch has many uses- Sweet Little Roses, Small Sprays of Flowers,
can be used to decorate a border in Crazy Patch, excellent to use in Monograms,
and so many other possibilites.

A delicate stitch and well worth the effort to master.
Once again I am demonstrating this with a 7 mm. Ribbon
for easier viewing, but this is mostly worked in a 4 mm.
Using variegated ribbon, is very effective also, with the changes
of colour and tone through the completed flower ( as above ).

Taking the ribbon around the tip of the needle for the French Knot part of the Combo, then make small running stitches with your needle down the centre of the ribbon.
The point of the needle is taken through the ribbon where it has been brought through the
fabric. Check if the French Knot is still formed, if not give the needle a few twists to form
again. Allow the pleats to compact down onto the fabric, hold these in place with your
fingernail as you pull the needle through.


Take this step very slowly at first when you are beginning, keeping an eye on the length of
ribbon as it can easily twist at this point and knot up.
( Refer to French Knot Lesson
earlier )

If you pull the ribbon too far, it will pull all the way through.
( Leaving the
ribbon unuseable).
Once the knot is sitting firmly in the centre, I complete it with a holding stitch through the centre in matching sewing thread.

This holds the flower firm , if it gets snagged and saves on tears.
You have the option of adding a small seed bead to the centre.

Another form of this is Running Stitch / Colonial Knot Combination.
Personally I prefer French Knot, as I feel it sits lower down in the centre of the flower.

Carol Daisy


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  1. That is my favorite stitch for tea roses. I know it as the Fargo Rose. Love your tutorials.