Friday, August 14, 2009

Pansy in Silk Ribbon Embroidery

September heralds the arrival
of Spring
in the Southern Hemisphere

which may sound strange to readers from other countries.

The garden centres will be filled with punnets of spring flowering annuals and bulbs will be sprouting.
Where we live it will short lived. ( Enjoy it while we can, summer is just around the corner )

My hometown of Toowoomba is well known for its annual Carnival of Flowers,
where the Spring Flowers are in their full glory. These photos are taken in the
Botanical Gardens. The Carnival attracts visitors from all over Queensland,
Interstate and Internationally.

This is something that I miss here in Rockhampton
as the temperatures get a lot higher, and limits me to what I can grow in my garden.
I thought that I would contribute the next few weeks to Spring Bulbs and Flowers in Silk Ribbon Embroidery. The colours are so vibrant and Silk Ribbon Embroidery lends itself well with the many colours available. A great way to keep Spring in your home all year round. Enviromentally friendly, no water needed.

The Pansy Embroidery above is one of many ways in which you can do them. I have worked this with a 7 mm. Ribbon. The larger the flower the more ribbon stitches you will need to fill the area. The actual size of this is 20 mm's. Should you wish to make a smaller flower take the size down and if using a 7 mm. you should only need 8 ribbon stitches to complete as shown above.

The following example is a fuller version and using
more ribbon stitches.
Begin by marking a small circle with your water erasable pen or a pencil.
With your Ribbon Stitches keep your nail on them as pulling the needle
through, you want them as full and rounded at the tip as possible.

Step 1: Place 3 Ribbon Stitches ( 10, 12 and 2 o'clock)
Fill the 2 spaces in between.( 11 and 1 o'clock )

With the 2 nd. colour place two Ribbon Stitches as shown.

Now: - 1 Ribbon Stitch at 6 o'clock and 2 more in the spaces at 7 and 5 o'clock

Add 2 Leaves in Ribbon Stitch also. A French Knot in 7 mm. 
Golden Yellow. Some markings in Black Embroidery Thread.
Stem Stitch in Green for the stem of the bud. 1 Ribbon Stitch
hanging downwards with 2 smaller Green Ribbon Stitches
cupping the bud.

Take some time to experiment with these, they are well worth

the effort and are an excellent addition to your embroideries.

Mixed Silk Ribbon Pansy Pack

Carol Daisy


  1. Hi Carol. Have just found your lovely blog from a link on Pat Winter's blog. Love your beautiful embroidery. Thank you for the little ribbon stitch tutorials and hints.
    I see you're originally from Toowoomba. We live out near Goombungee which is about 34kms NW of Toowoomba which is where both of my daughters live.
    Will have to check out all of your past posts.

  2. Helen, Sorry I did see your comment much earlier, and should have replied then.I do know of Goombungee. Thank you for
    your nice words. I am really enjoying this
    blogging, expecially about Ribbon Embroidery.
    We also have another thing in common, Pat Winters Blog. She does such beautiful

  3. Thank you for the lovely pansy tutorial. Just what I need this week for CQ.

    I am another recent finder of your delightful blog and look forward to visiting often. My link to you was through Craft Gossip. I'm from East Gippsland.

  4. I'm in love with pansies and your wonderful instructions makes me want to take up ribbon embroidery! Thank you for all your tutorials!