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Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to make a Fabric Storer for your Sewing Room

Today I would like to share with you an

Organiser for my Sewing Room


56 cm Length of Contrast Colour eg. Broadcloth (Backing )
Feature Fabric & Panels ( Decoration )
75 cm. Length of Homespun or similar for Front.
1 - Full Panel 40 x 56 cms. Backing Fabric

1 - Full Panel 40 x 56 cms. Main Fabric
1 - Panel for Pleated Pockets 75 x 28 cms.
1 - Bias strip of Feature Fabric for Pleated Pocket Trim.
    3 - 12 x 5 cms. Tabs

Next step is to set out what you actually wish to store in your organiser. 


Do a placement test on the fabric to give you a plan to follow. taking note of the size
required to hold the items, and allowing for what you will loose in the seams.
If you wish to have Embroidery on your organiser, it is best if you do this before
stitching on the pockets. Mark a design on the main panel, and tack a small
piece of pellon onto the back prior to starting ( Only for Ribbon Embroidery ).

Pockets: Can be made from a double layer of fabric, or a feature Panel of
Fabric with plain backing fabric.
Cut pieces of main fabric and  feature fabric
for pockets.
Pleated Pocket: Fold Panel in half, wrong sides facing out.
Machine Stitch down both sides. Turn right side facing out.
Flatten out and press with hot iron. Over lock
or zig zag the open seam closed. Cover with Bias feature trim.
Mark the pocket into 4 even sections.

Do the same on the Base Fabric Panel. 
As the pocket is longer than the fabric itself, the leftover fabric
becomes the pleat. Double machine stitch the
4 places as shown on the diagram.
Position the pleats
and iron flat. Pin in position
and stitch along the base of the seam only to hold pleats in place.

Once you have completed all the pockets, make up the 3 tabs and positon
on the top of the hanging. Stitch down. Place Backing Fabric, right
sides facing and stitch the
4 sides leaving a gap to turn it right side
around. Overstitch this seam closed. Press seams. Overstitch this seam closed.
Cut doweling rod for tabs. There are more things I can add to this in the future,
one of which will be a button medallion in the centre of the ribbon embroidery

I have added appliqued parts of the Featured Fabric, a handmade pottery button,
Ribbon and Thread Embroidery. You could also add Ric Rac, a variety of Braids,
Ribbons, Laces etc.bits
and pieces from yo
ur sewing box to make it more your own.
If you choose a Feature Panel like this one, you have so many options
which you can make into a feature with your embroidery.
Happy Stitching


Carol Daisy

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