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Monday, July 13, 2009

Tutorial - Glasses pouch

Pattern and sewing instructions - Glasses pouch

This I have done on a pouch earlier
(using a satin bias edge )

Hello to you all.

Sorry I have been a little lax lately, but have started reorganising my studio following the Craft Show. Previously, I was using the room for storing supplies and teaching, along with my computer area. I have decided to put my sewing room and this together, eliminating a lot of back a forth from one end of the house to the other. We all know how much we tend to accumulate in the way of supplies in our sewing rooms, so this is taking much longer than I expected.

Anyway I would like to share my tips for making a Glasses Pouch. I find this the best way as all seams are hidden and no need to stitch bias around the edges to join it together. Keep in mind I have only created this one from scraps in the cupboard and when I get more organised shall create a new one with Ribbon Embroidery embellishing the front.

The first step is to make yourself a pattern template. Place the type of glasses you are making this for on a sheet of paper and allow 3 cms ( 1 inch ) each side for seams and movement. then double this width allowing for front and back.
As per photo have the top cut at an angle. Making it easier to reach the glasses in the pouch. Cut two pieces 1 lining, 1 fabric. ( Also an option is to cut 1 of Pellon - for padding ) Measurement of this pattern : Width 20 cms. ( 8 inches ) Height - 17 cms. ( 6 3/4 inches ) Shorter side angling down to 13 cms. ( 5 inches ) You will need to adapt this to suit.

Step 1:
With Right Side facing, pin across the top seam, leaving a gap as shown.
Stitch in these 2 places. Turn fabric and lining back to right side facing and
press the seam.

Step 2: Take the shorter side of the pouch and pin to the opposite side
( making a tube shape ) .

Step 3:
Next bring the higher side of the main fabric across to go over these pins and repin so that the whole side seam can be stitched.

Step 4: The only opening now should be the gap you have left at the top in step 1.

Turn the pouch right side out through this gap and slip stitch this seam over. Press the whole pouch. The seams should be fully enclosed.

Have a nice day.
Carol Daisy


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  1. Thank you.Yes,your photos are clear enough.