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Wednesday, July 22, 2009



This will be an ongoing feature of this blog.
I have many things that I have learnt from experience and the hard way.

Hopefully, some or even one of these hints may make your Stitching more enjoyable and proceed more smoothly.

Always cut both ends of your ribbon at an angle. This is not just as an aid while stitching, but also for the preservation of your work.


Keep a nail emery board in your sewing kit. A jagged nail can easily catch on a thread in your silk ribbon and cause damage.
Not a happy ending if you have already stitched the flower.

Hints: Pre Wash the ribbons, before starting.

Most ribbons are colourfast, but at times there may be just 1 that isn't,
and is safer to do this, than risk the damage to your finished

Happy stitching,
Carol Daisy

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