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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

French Knots in Ribbon SRE


This is executed the same way as if you were using thread.

But for those who have never tried, here it is with some photos to help you.

Take the ribbon as shown and wrap it around the needle usually between 1 and 3 times.
Depending on how large you want the knot to be.

Hold the ribbon coming from the needle, so the wrap does not loosen off.
Take the needle down next to where the ribbon came through the fabric.

Put your finger over the ribbon and as you are pulling the needle through, let it slide over your finger.
Because it will curl slightly, it is very easy at this stage for it to knot.

This allows you to keep a close eye on the ribbon as
 you are pulling.
Ribbons knotting at this stage is not good, 
and troublesome to undo.

Practice will make perfect.

A closer look at the knot when completed
should have a centre opening where the needle has pulled through.

You are able to give this a firm pull at the end. If you have not taken the ribbon through
the same hole at start and finish, it will not pull through.

The stitch is ideal for the centres of a flower if you do not wish to use beads.

Also to work full flowers or as a fill in decoration.

These are just French Knots in cream 4 mm Silk Ribbon
to fill in the spaces.

One of the designs from our " Mon Francais Jardin Range"
The Lilacs are made from French Knots with Green Cotton Lazy Daisy Stitches / French Knots.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for this very handy stitch.

Carol Daisy.

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