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Friday, July 3, 2009

Five Petal Flower, Gathered Ribbon Flower.

( or Gathered Ribbon Flower )

A very simple flower to add to your list of achievements.

Put simply the petals are formed by making small tacking stitches on the ribbon in a box pattern and gathered up to form a circle, 
with a bead or French knot centre.

Step 1. Cut off a length of ribbon ( eg. 7 mm. approx. 15 cms. )
The length of ribbon will be determined by the ribbon width and  fullness you wish to have in the petal.

Step 2. Mark out the ribbon into 5 equal areas.
I then mark with small dots with an erasable pen.


Step 3. With matching sewing thread, begin at one end of the ribbon, by overstitching the thread. This prevents the thread from pulling straight through
when you are gathering up the flower.

Step 4. Stitch as per this photo. Most important the thread has to loop over the ribbon on the same edge you start your tacking.
If you miss 1 of these it will not gather up.


Step 5. When all stitching is done, gently pull the thread, sliding the ribbon along the thread.

Arrange the petals out flat, you may have to untwist some.

Must be 5 petals. Make a few firm stitches in the last petal to  stop it unravelling.

Step 6. Stitch both ribbon ends together. The flower then can be stitched down to your fabric or make a opening in the fabric and push the tails
through ( this being the neater option).

Step 7. Make small stitches to hold it down and then place a bead or
french knots in the centre.
A variation - Small flower made with
10 mm Cascade House Bias Silk Ribbon.


When Stitching I have allowed the coloured edge to be on the outside petals as per illustration above. Resulting in a petite
cream flower with a darker pink on the edge of the Petals.

I have made a denim cover from an empty coffee container, and embellished it
with 5 Petal Flowers using a craft ribbon with a metallic edge.

Mastered this stitch use it with the  Potpourri Pillow -  Free Design

Carol Daisy


  1. Thank you so much. I was searching for directions to make a gathered flower. I love your blog. Beautiful.

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